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  1. Let them know about your service and if they agree then deliver your work or if disagree then ask for mutual cancellation. Thanks 🙂
  2. Yo can do it with your first thank you message whenever you get the orders. Then let your buyers know about give a review before automatically complete the order.
  3. Getting first order depends on your gig. If your gig is unique and description is clear then you will get your first order quickly. Dont copy paste from other gig and try to find a unique title for your gig. Try to change your gig tags and promote your gig in social media. Hope you will get you first order soon. Thank You Regards King Land
  4. Check your Spam mails! Sometimes it happens with many people…
  5. Hi…Thank you for starting this awesome topic. now i can share my feelings… I am struggling with Some buyers who don’t really want to understand that i work very hard to make them satisfy…I don’t think it pain. I respect them and also like to understand them and their problem. it helps me realize their mind, perceive them properly…
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