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How to get first buyers?


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There are hundreds of gigs offering photo editing/retouching, so unless you offer
something very unique or impressive, it might be quite hard.
I’ll be honest, I saw the sample images from your gigs and they did not stand out and
it didn’t look impressive.
I have seen people offering services like retouching 10-15 photos for the basic $5,
competing against people like them will be a challenge.

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I agree with Zeus777. The sample images would turn away potential clients due to the quality of work. You have to offer something more unique, creative, and with value. I would also offer a less generic gig description. It’s not very specific in regards to a professional approach. The best gigs are the ones that have detailed gig information, great sample work, and even a gig video. I would revise your gigs with our ideas, and you should see a difference in your impressions to get potential sales.

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