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What can you do with $4


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Hi Fiverrs… Here I’m trying to share the value of $4 county wise.

I am from Sri Lanka and Our currency is Rupees (Rs). As we know we received $4 for a completed order from Fiverr. But The value of this $4 is different to each country. Normally $4 = Rs:500 in Sri Lanka. To get an idea I can show the Sri Lankan situation. We can buy for Rs:500 (not all)

2 Lunch or

8 Breads or

50 Pens or

20 Cigarette or

2 Beer or


If we can complete 100 orders (Rs:50,000) per month is a good achievement in Sri Lanka

Sorry for the bad English. I think you can understand what I say. So tell me what you can do with $4 in your country.

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In Indian Currency:

1$ = Average Rs. 52

4$ = Rs. 200 (after excluding pypal fees)

What can i do:

2 Beers or

Lunch for 2 or

8Ltr Coke or

10 Loaf of bread or

Internet Broadband Connection for 10 days or

Watch a 3D movie or 2D movie for 2.

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The best thing to do with $4 is to reinvest it. Take that gig order money and when you hit $5 after another order, use it to market and leverage your Fiverr gigs. Turn that $4 into $400, 🙂

IN general…, not much. I guess I would buy Raimen noodles…? haha

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It depends on what part of America you live in too. In Philadelphia, where I am, I can get a decent beer for $4, a gallon (3.75 liters) of gas, a cup of coffee + croissant, two loaves of bread, etc. In Southern Virginia, where I’m from, I could buy a bit more gas, a better beer, a small lunch (not including drink), two-three loaves of bread, etc.

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prologo1 said: what you can do with $4 in your country.




Hi there,


I'm also from Sri Lanka and let me add a few more to your list.

With 4$ we can buy;


1) 3.1L of Gasoline

2) 15 Egg Puffs :P

3) Breakfast for 4

4) A used Mobile Phone

5) 250min Voice Time for Mobile

6) 2 Way Trip from One Corner to another Corner in the country (By public transport)

7) 3GB Internet

8) 12 Coca Cola


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Guest nir_anjan

In Bangladesh: $4= Taka 300 ( Paypal )

  1. 15 times meal in my Hall dining
  2. 5 dozen bananas
  3. 60 pens
  4. 3 GB Internet connection
  5. 15 kg potatoes ( Price variable )
  6. 2.5 kg apples
  7. 1 medium quality tee shirt
  8. Lunch for 2 in medium quality restaurant

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