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  1. some buyers suggesting unbelievable large price with custom offers. But finally cancel the order. We do out maximum but finally we get nothing.
  2. Create your own portfolio given by fiverr and send that link. ex: my portfolio
  3. Waiting for a big gig shuffle 😂

    1. hyzikyle


      hi my all gigs are shuffled and not get back in 1 week now what should  i do?

  4. All new sellers starting at Fiverr with a dream. But some scammers are looking for them. So lots of sellers have to end their journey with the starting point. As an example: Lets say you are starting a new account and create a new logo design gig, In the starting point you don't have any actual work sample, good star rating, good feedbacks, big order queue or anything. but those are the things our buyers expecting when they are ordering your gig. So, the main thing you can do to attract your buyers is set a low price. Experienced scammers know everything above. So they are reaching you and place the order (sometime asking more work for cheap price. my be telling about their future ordering plan :D). But after everything done, they will ask you refund. If the seller not agreed to refund, they will tell about a negative feedback on that order. you can choose one option. Although you get a negative feedback or order cancelation, this will directly effect to your account because you are in first stage. So, be careful about this kind of buyers.
  5. you can improve it with future order completions.
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