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How to improve my gig

Guest muhammadharoon6

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Your gigs are all in highly competitive areas that are over-saturated, so you’ll have to come up with something very unique or otherwise amazing to get those first sales. Only you know what your skills are, so you’ll have to figure out a way to do that or you’ll need to create some different types of gigs.

I noticed that you have 2 logo gigs that are very similar. I would suggest that you get rid of one of those. Fiverr may remove one anyway since you aren’t supposed to have duplicates. Maybe you can come up with an idea for that gig slot that is different from what so many other people are doing.

Take a look at creative gigs in some of the more unusual categories like Advertising, Lifestyle, Gifts and Fun. People are often looking for something different. You could put up a gig with you holding a sign or doing something interesting near an unusual location. It could be picture and/or video. Another idea is interesting gifts. Consider creating a gig offering a unique message for holidays or funny things people can use on social media. People always need ways to draw attention to their media. Can you play an instrument, sing, dance, do something weird, funny or interesting, or show an unusual skill?

Those are great areas for new people on Fiverr. People with new ideas have done very well here, like the first person to offer retro posters, the first one to to hold a message while standing on his head in front of a pyramid, or the first to sing Happy Birthday while dancing in a jungle. Once you get a gig up like that, advertise it in My Fiverr Gigs, on your own social media and look through Buyer Requests for people who need something you can do.

One last tip - don’t advertise something you can’t really do just to make a few dollars. It isn’t worth it. Delivering a terrible logo or a badly written article or failing to deliver at all might or might not earn you some money but it will end your Fiverr career in a hurry. Good luck!

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