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What happened with fiverr?


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From Jan-Sep 2015 when I join fiverr, I can see that featured sellers or super sellers get 100-1000 orders in Queue.

And now they have 5-50 orders maximum on every categories.

If this is the condition of big sellers, What will be left for the new sellers?
New sellers don’t have any orders even any messages.

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Well, a couple of things could definitely apply to recent history. I know of a few TRS that have 100+ orders in queue although honestly, I think that most people with those numbers are working in teams. I also know of some who have 30-100 but are making well over a standard income in USD.

If you’ve looked at very, very recent orders, the holidays often slow down many queues or the sellers themselves stop taking new orders for a while to get some time off. In the past year, Fiverr also started increasing a variety of ways that gigs could be priced and a seller with 30 in queue could easily be earning anywhere from $25-250 per order you see there.

When you add to that the new implementation of packages, some sellers deliberately made it easier for their repeat buyers to make a one-click order that costs over $100. Those sellers will naturally have dramatically reduced queues in appearance since their buyers might have been ordering more than one gig to cover the cost of an entire service. Now those buyers might only have to place one order to get the exact same thing.

I also agree with @idostuff4u that there is more competition. I wasn’t here, but to my understanding when the TRS designation started, there were only a handful. Now that may apply to Super Sellers, but there are actually quite a lot of TRS that can range from part-timer with good sales and a few hundred reviews all the way to full-timers with thousands of reviews. It’s tougher now for anyone, including TRS, but still do-able! (Some level 2 sellers earn more than some of the less-active TRS these days, in fact.) There is plenty of room for a good new seller and many level 0-2 sellers are indeed getting messages and orders.

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Fiverr email promotions also changed. They only promotes the top/recommended sellers. They should promote the new sellers too. And fiverr team should start advertising like the PeoplePerHour. Can you see they are spending money on facebook advertising, google advertising, etc? Why not fiverr then?

Fiverr should send mail newsletters by terms. Like 3-4 times a day. With varieties of sellers and services, from every category, Then sales will increase.

Please do something, Fiverr is destroying.
And also please make more strong rules, That no one can’t take buyers out.
Ban Them: Who shares s***e,email, social chats etc.
This will destroy the platform.

Do something. Please.

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