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Hi my oder coming stop in last 10 days


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Hi guys
Im new on fiverr and want help with my issue also sorry for my bad english

As im told you im new on fiverr so in first 45 days im getting about 43 oders plus good rating and i never had a any problem like this before…

And in last 10 days im not get a single oder im very very upset i dnt know whats problem with my profile please check my gigs and profile and tell me if there is anything wrong…

Thanks in advance for your help Regard grapigirl

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Hi @grappigirl. I’ll try to offer some small suggestions. Also, I moved your post to “Improve my Gig” since that’s where this post belongs.

First, as far as your English, it’s understandable and not your first language so some errors are not a big deal if you aren’t offering writing related gigs. On the other hand, some of the errors you made even in this post are really easy to correct and it makes you look more professional. For example, a basic spell checker would tell you that oder is not a word. Plus, when you read on Fiverr, you will repeatedly see the help files and other people use the word order. I know what you mean, but it would look a lot better if you fixed the simple things.

Second, your profile looks somewhat unprofessional as well and that may be giving you trouble. Don’t use a stock photo of an attractive female. That just looks silly. Either use a real photo, a unique logo, a unique avatar - something that doesn’t look like thousands of fakes on Fiverr. (I’m not saying you are necessarily faking, just that it appears that way when you use a profile photo like that.)

A few other quick things: Get rid of the translation gig. When you offer to translate such a massive list of languages, it’s so obvious that you are using software to translate. Anyone can do that for free. It’s taking up valuable gig space for no reason and if someone does buy it, they’ll likely leave you a bad review for a software translation.

I would also get rid of the “promote to 156,595 FB users” gig. That requires a bot and if you do fool people into buying it, sooner or later you are going to either really anger a buyer, lose the gig to denial by Fiverr, get that gig dropped from search, or all of the above. Any gig you have that promotes large amounts of traffic or social media items is likely to be a problem eventually.

Stick to gigs that you have REAL skills in and that require you to do some actual talented work. It’s a much better avenue to success if you hope to earn money long term instead of get a few dollars and then be shut down. Best of luck!

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Hi thanks for your help im not for here fooling peoples and only for money im here for work and i have many fb groups also you can check my proof are not photoshop or anything else this all are real i will change my profile pic soon or also delete translation gig

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