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Communication in the little thread, Read this before BLAMING CUSTOMERS


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This is Joe Stevens once again, An SEO expert, Internet marketing expert, Business analyst & a chartered accountant as well 😛

My first article was a generic one, named (How One conversation thread turns $5 to $500 !!! ). I will today specifically focus on the Specialized FIVERR Communication.
Let me start with another example, I asked someone whether he can give me my proposed service? He replied with a line that: “order please, to have the service”…. Then I turned back to his description & couldn’t find what I asked for… I asked him for higher quantity he is offering…

Another example: I asked somebody to know how much quantity he is offering, He replied with a pair of number “10” !!!
Then I Moved to next person and ask for solution for my preferred service, in line with his gig description… He politely told me that I cant be delivered with expected quantity explaining the facts & to dos. I was impressed & asked whether I need something else… Then I ordered him, he inboxed me a test work and seek my proposition… I said, all ok… then he moved on to his task & periodically keeping myself updated knowing what he is up to…

Fiverr Inbox is a place of professional friendship, You have to bear in mind that, you are prohibited to tell about personal contacts such as gmail, s***e etc, and also feedback as well… But I have read fiverr TOS, that never told me not to making the conversation juicy….

Someone told me someday: “Joe, why you are working on Sunday !!! have a bear, take a nap… go watch a movie with your girlfriend,…. I delivered him some bonus work just because he was aware quality work being done in weekend…. Then he marked order as completed with a big tip…. I lost nothing, But I found a network of shopify sellers…

If I would told him, This is none of your business whether I work on weekend, OR, didn’t replied him then It would be a $5 order only….

Remember, If you need money, You have to see the money, If you can see the money, Find out what can bring those money to your pocket…

Good luck to those who dares to ask something friendly to customers or sellers….

This is Joe Stevens will keep updating you guys regularly…… Now gift me tons of comments… Take care… Be safe……….


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What I learnt from a marketing guru is that a seller must refrain from being subjected to his/her super ego. One cannot simply enforce his/her indomitable will to the buyer in order for the buyer to buy his/her products/services. In other words, one must play the negotiation game elegantly to win the trust of customers and convince them that your products/services have added values that they cannot or rarely get from your competitors (e.g. outstanding gig extras). In other words, effective communications with subtle persuasion techniques are necessary for a seller to gain new leads and retain existing ones.

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Curious question. I placed a gig, waited for response, none received, deadline came and went without delivery. Per customer service - computer generated of course, I contacted seller via online with the following:

“It’s okay if you have decided to reject my order, but a response would be greatly appreciated. It is HIGHLY frustrating to be ignored.”

A day later, still did not hear anything and the system automatically allow me to cancel without the seller’s consent. I noticed today that accepting the computer generated cancellation automatically sends a one star with “Falied to deliver on Time” message to the seller site/rating.

I have zero desire to leave someone a negative feedback - I tried to remove but can’t seem to figure out how. I have no idea why I received no response from this seller and being new to fiverr - I did not know it would do that.

Q1: Any way to remove it?
Q2: I noticed he/she has received five star rating since then, what happened? Why was I ignored? Was it an oversight?

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