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When will my day come


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Hello fiverr people

I am a graphic designer with 8 years experience, i really learn new things each day, after holding such experience. But…

I started working on fiverr last month, have many issues with the orders, I didn’t get orders, I expected much better than this, Want to have atleast 1 order a day initially, how to give a kick start, could anyone help, my gigs includes everything related to graphic designing, i can make best logos, best company stationary, i have a new gig, making comic strip, I make best illustrations for children books as I started my career from their.

Also order if you believe… https://www.fiverr.com/harry_johnson



waiting for precious comments below. 🙂

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Well there are a few things. First, it can sometimes take many weeks to get your first orders.

And where are you originally from? I ask this because it says you are from the US and you speak English but one of your big problems is that your profile and all your gig descriptions your English is not too good.

Also, on your logo gig, you need better samples. that second photo you have you can’t see any actual logos they are all too tiny, have a few that are much bigger and take up the whole frame.

Your letterhead gig has a generic “healine here” which is not so good sometimes. Just find a client who will give you permission to show their stationary for your gigs and use real work.

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@harry_johnson Oh boy answering that question would take a while to answer. My sage advice is to learn “direct response advertising” and principles of “copywriting.” There is just way too many resources on these topics but one person I would recommend you start with Dan Kennedy.

To summarize the biggest principles of copywriting: make a promise and prove it.

But before you write anything you have to do market research which is basically understanding what your prospective customer’s problems, needs, and wants are. Read reviews on other fiverr gigs similar to your own, look at your competitor’s gig description and see what makes them sell more than you. Look in forums for topics related to your gigs and study what makes them buy. Then write all your findings in your gig description.

Lastly you have to take all risks out of the deal for you customer. This means that you may have to take all the risks in the deal in order to acquire customers. One example is to give a 300% money back guarantee. Another example is to offer your buyers free gig for their first gig. You will surely increase your chances of getting customers this way but you also may increase your expenses a little bit. But that is the expense of acquiring a customer that you may potentially have for life so it will be all worth it in the end.

I offer copywriting service if you need it. I can’t post links here but look up my gigs and see if it can help you. Good luck.

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