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I got Messed up with one seller on Fiverr with his F*****g things


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Hi all

I got screwed up with one seller on Fiverr (His user name is fragglesrock)

I ordered a gig to him. He sent an custom offer and said that he will deliver in a day.

He also asked to get in touch directly by sending an image in Fiverr conversion and asking to order directly by sending him money directly outside of fiverr.

But with 2 reasons I order him on Fiverr only. 1st reason is - cant trust him. 2nd reason is to be professional.

He send custom gig by saying he will bring 20k views for my youtube video in 30$ and delivery period is in a day.

But he dint delivered and even he did not started working on my gig and even there is no reply for my chat in Fiverr. I waited for 3 days. I got only 1200 views and even there is no response or even no update.

I informed him also that am going to cancel the order bcs of no delivery of the order and even there is no response. Even then there is no response and i cancelled the order.

And then that idiot catch my mail ID by using my username and started blackmailing me asking to pay him 30$ directly to his paypal account or he will put unlikes and bad comments on my videos and client videos.

And he done that by going to my Google+ and putting wrong comments and my videos on youtube and even on my clients videos and facebook page posts.

And because of him i lost my client who was continuing from past 6 months

His fiverr link is as follows: https://www.fiverr.com/fragglesrock

Already I raised a ticket in the Fiverr support before 4 days back. But still he is doing the same by using his other fake accounts also.

I want to take revenge on him but i cant do anything. Could you please help me out how to react on him…

And his fucking things was attached in the mail

Sheriff’s note: calling out names is not allowed in this forum, so username has been fragglesrocked and images removed since they were showing personal details.

If Customer Support didn’t answer your ticket after 4 days, please write a follow-up on the same ticket and wait; also remember to provide all the evidences you have so appropriate actions for this seller can be taken given his severe TOS violations.

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I realize not everyone understands the inherent dangers of buying fake traffic and now you do. The thing that puzzles me is, you knew you didn’t trust him before you ordered and he had already openly offered to do unethical things. You should have reported him then with no order and moved on. Fiverr would have just removed him.

They either have or will remove him now but they will just close the ticket as they normally don’t give out that kind of info. There isn’t much you can do after that. Fiverr can’t stop him from doing anything outside Fiverr. You could report his YouTube activity to YT but you’ll probably lose your own YouTube account because you violated their ToS.

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You need to report the seller for trying to get you to pay outside of Fiverr.

That was also a mistake to order from someone who wanted to break the rules to begin with.

Also, it is against the rules of youtube to buy likes and views and followers, so you were already breaking the rules to begin with. Did you know that?

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Guest nicktribedesign

Wow, so many ToS violations here! Buying likes and views is cheating.
And if someone is willing to cheat for money, then they will almost certainly try to cheat you…

Kind of obvious really!

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