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From $5 to $8508.20 in 4 months...you CAN do this Fiverr Sellers!


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Reply to @dinamicostudio9: Hey Joynul, welcome to Fiverr.

I’m going to say that what i have mentioned in this article and in these conversations is what you can do. Already I have people contacting me personally for ‘help’ and I simply can’t do it. Use the information you’ve found here and check it against your gigs =).

That’s the way to do it. We are all 100% responsible for ourselves here…and these forums are to plant our knowledge and experiences for everyone to learn from and share.

It’s as far as I capable of assisting.

I actually have people contacting me, asking me to teach them to draw…so they can make money NOW!

LOL…that’s not how this works.

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Reply to @wcstudios: I’ll say this again: Do your research first!

Find gigs to model after–find what sells the best in YOUR category, then ask questions or use their own gigs as inspiration for your own.

It’s what I did. Worked like a charm.

Did it again with my children’s book illustrations and now I’m doing bids for $1000+ a project.

You CAN do this. It’s learning how, and what people want…that you love to do.

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.Thanks for this amazing story my friend. I wish great success and happiness for you and your family. It is great to know that you have succeeded in your fiverr journey with great hardwork and passion.

I was feeling down a bit today and your article made my day. This is one great example.


Keep it up.

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You’re welcome, mithunbaiju…and keep going, my friend!

We all have ups and downs—today I got a HUGE kick in the teeth. Client asked me to redo a picture she had, so it didn’t look digital. I spend 2 DAYS solid on her art–did all the pieces and then spent time doing color.

…in the end, she slammed me, said she was disappointed and could have gotten someone to do the same work for $5. That if I didn’t refund her money or drop the price to $10, she would file a claim and get it back anyway.

What do you do with liars and thieves? Not sure. So I refunded her money and wrote it off to experience.

Hang in there. Especially when the good days far outweigh the bad,

  • Jaime
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In future, report buyers like this to Customer Services–that’s a) threatening, b) filing a claim with PayPal is against ToS and c) you can’t offer partial refunds in any case. Too late now–but don’t let people like this walk all over you.

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Guest emmalouva

Thanks for sharing your story! My business is growing quickly (not as quickly as yours) and I am excited to see what things will look like a few months from now!

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