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From $5 to $8508.20 in 4 months...you CAN do this Fiverr Sellers!


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Everything varies. I started a new gig and it didn’t take off. Waited, told people about it, but nothing happened. Then someone contacted me and asked for a “deal” on their project.

It was fun and I wanted to get some reviews on the new gig, so I did what normally i would pass over and you know what? It was exactly the boost I needed. People started asking for custom gigs and it has become my #1 money maker now (100% big book jobs): https://www.fiverr.com/wantedhero/create-art-for-your-childrens-book?funnel=5ad84fb3-25a7-4610-a09e-d95cbc76a6aa

So keep going!!

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Funny you should ask—as I’m replying to you, my oldest son just text me and said he’s made his Fiverr account and wants to start doing Whiteboard presentations for people =)

He’s the only one though–which is kinda sad–because all my children are artists in one discipline or another.

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Thank you for sharing your heartwarming post! You’re a model of success and I admire your life story. Examples where hard work gets rewarded never cease to amaze me. You give me hope! 😉

I’ve only [very] recently discovered Fiverr. From what I’ve seen of it so far, it’s a great platform -and a tool- for finding those that may want to purchase our work.

I’m a fellow artist (and parent) and I’m delighted to get started. It’s tough in the beginning but I’m more than willing and happy to put it the work and give it time to lift off the ground, but your story is quite an inspiration. I never dreamed of picking up that much steam, especially in a mere four months! I’ll be happy to be established within a year.

Thanks again,
~Sara Bequette

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