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From $5 to $8508.20 in 4 months...you CAN do this Fiverr Sellers!


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Reply to @artworkking: LOL! That’s not a fair question any more that , “How much does a line drawing cost?”

The answer is: DEPENDS…always.

What are the variables?

I grew up as a street artist when I was 15, drawing in malls and running from the cops in California because I didn’t have a license…and I could do a character drawing of a couple (both people) in under 4 min…then would run after them and try to get $4 each for the drawings.

Made $75-$150 a day back then (31 years ago)

I’m slower now, but long story short (TOO LATE) I’m pretty quick with cartoons.

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Guest havardh

Reply to @wantedhero Hello wantedhero, i really like your story and your achievements. I joined Fiverr 15th September that is last month. I have like 16 days in Fiverr. I have felt inspired by your story. I hope that i will write a successful story like yours in the coming months.

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Great story! I know many people complain about Fiverr for whatever reason, ( I know I have! 😛 )
but it’s great to read stories like this. I do illustration stuff too, and it’s always great to see other
people’s work. No wonder you are doing so well, I hope you join the TRS group soon! 😃

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Reply to @havardh: You focus on doing what you love and then have fun developing relationships with people and you’ll do amazing things.

I think what most people don’t realize is there are as many tastes as their are gigs. Not everyone will like what they find, so there’s ALWAYS enough to go around.

Remember that!

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Reply to @hawkkseo: HAHAHA! Nawwww, there’s SO much room, as i said above, there’s no single gig that fits all tastes and needs.

When I first started looking to be a seller, i felt intimidated–not because I lacked skill, I was already a professional–but because there were so MANY great artists here. But I started, got my first couple gigs and it hasn’t stopped since.

I work as if I’m the ONLY artist on Fiverr and just provide the very best I can at every turn.

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Reply to @jamshed_khan: Yeah, but that changes with PROJECTS. That’s what I’m starting to learn here. The single gigs give us exposure, momentum and the bread and butter…but then we find clients who have bigger needs.

Do you have a bigger/high end group of services you can offer…that the gigs you have can lead into?

If not, I suggest you map that out. It doesn’t have to be on the gig page–just tell people to contact you for a gig if they have special needs and have a conversation.

Just my 2 cents.

Then again, my friends tell me that when someone asks me, “penny for your thoughts” to sell.


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