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Hi Shaneika,

     Welcome to the Fiverr community!  It's a wonderful platform for sellers eager to create something wonderful!  

I’ve had a look at your gigs and the first optimization tip that I can tell you is to add videos presenting each of your gigs. Even if you feel that you’re bad on camera and have nothing but a phone to shoot it on, it would be a great way to personally connect with you customers. Fiverr stats tell us that gigs with videos sell up to 225% more than gigs without them.

Another thing that might help is to add a couple of anecdotes to your gig descriptions. Talk about an instance where you helped someone out of a serious credit conundrum.

And this is crucial in the beginning… Over-deliver on your product whenever feasible. It will quickly set you apart from your competitors and buyers will take notice that you provide a superior product and/or service.

Again, welcome!

-Tim @ Easy Media

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No problem! And it really doesn’t hurt to be consistently updating your gig metadata, like description, gig extras, tags, etc. I’ve been told by Fiverr moderators that this can help to increase your exposure.

A couple other things that are not often discussed are message response rate and the effect of late deliveries.

I’ve read in various places throughout the forums that keeping your response rate low (Under 2 hours) directly impacts your exposure in a positive way. I’m sure that you can infer what a slow response time may garner you 🙂

Also, Fiver likes to see that you’re a seller that they can count on to deliver a great product/service, on-time. We’ve been very hard on ourselves about delivering everything on-time and I believe that it has truly benefitted us. obviously these are things that are difficult to verify without hard data, but consider this… If your customers can count on you to deliver a great product, on-time, then Fiverr knows that they can count on you too. And they may then decide to promote you, either by featuring you or by making your gig visible on the Fiverr homepage. In either of these events, be prepared to work! 😃


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Oh yeah. Ive been updating my gig metadata information for what seems like on a daily basis! I just want buyers to really understand what Im selling. Again, I really appreciate your advice. As a new seller, it can a bit nerve wrecking trying to find common ground amongst so much competion. But, your suggestions have helped me to reamin optimistic. Thanks Tim…

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