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Refund or bad review--what do you think?


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Normally I’d just refund, but… “I hope you can cancel my order”. Oi, boyo. Shut your gob and listen up.

I’m waiting until Monday for my final decision (and, admittedly, cool down), but I think I’m going to take the bad review. I spent time on this. TOS makes it clear about personal taste. I admit I can swallow a bad review, but that final paragraph is the one thing making me go “fragglesrock you, I’m keeping your money, you entitled little [insert favorite insult here]”.

If you’re reading this, you’ll get my response on Monday evening. This is a Facebook Ad that he hasn’t even tested, and yes, I’m mad…I wish I wasn’t, but I am.


Hey. That’s a really disappointing copy. How is that a copy that is even close to blowing readers out of the water? I probably can write a copy like that myself and it would not entice 99% of my target market of students to click on the copy. This is because the first line is a complete turn off itself, especially if I am someone not looking to get any T shirts urgently, which would be the case for most students.

My goal was not even to generate sales immediately, but just to get the clicks for my video to raise awareness of what we are providing so that in the future when they need anything printed they will remember us. Of course I am not asking you to lie and oversell about the video in the copy, but something that will entice them to click on the video.

I hope that you can cancel my order if you feel that writing such an enticing copy for a boring video such as mine is not really possible for you. I do not want to squander money on copies I can write myself. Thanks so much:)


I don’t have anything to press CS with here, sadly. Just a whole lot of “work it out with the buyer”. NO FIVERR CS, he want doesn’t pay and I’m going to viciously accuse him of being a clueless idiot. Or her. Who cares. Why am I getting so mad over 3.95!?

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Probably because of the attitude. Sounds like he intended to have you cancel from the start. Will he be able to use what you made even if you refund him?

If it was just $5 order, I don’t think it’s worth suffering a bad review, but I don’t know how much time you’ve spent on it nor your previous experience with buyers. I do, however, know how low people can fall in ‘desperate’ times or simply because of a lack of moral values. I think you should just forget it and focus on your other orders which have probably been made by nicer/more appreciative people. 🙂

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Mark, you’re making perfect sense! For $5, this is NOT worth my time, effort or anything. That final paragraph just gets my goat and makes me want to say “screw it–give me a bad review, let me dash your little hopes on a rock!”

It is the attitude that’s annoying me the most.

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I’d be pretty angry too if I got a message like that, no matter what the price is.
“I can write it myself,” OK, then why the heck did this guy hire someone to write it then?
This guy clearly was not skilled enough to write his own review, is too cheap and desperate
to a point where he doesn’t want to lose $5. Or maybe he is simply just an @$$-hole.

I can understand your anger, but I’d say just go ahead and cancel the order.
Is there a way you can check whether this guy has used your work later on?
At this point, even if you cancel it he does have your work, so he will be able to use it.
If he posts it online, maybe you can contact Facebook and have the whole thing
removed. I can’t really remember where I read it, but there was another seller whose
canceled work was being used for something on youtube. She contacted youtube showing
all the evidence, and youtube removed that clip for her.

That’s a lot of trouble to go through though. It might be best if you just cancel the order.
If he seriously thinks your work is not good, he’s not going to use it. As much as he sounds
like a major @$$-hole, he was giving his honest opinion even though it was done in an
extremely rude way. If he’s just pretending to not like your work and he ends up using it,
let karma get him.

But trust me, with THAT kind of attitude…I’d wanna smash his face! 😛
OK, that’s violent. I’d like to snatch that $5 away from him and wave it in
front of his face because I KNOW it will p*ss him off…

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Unfortunately, to some people, $5 might be a small price to pay to negatively effect someone else. You shouldn’t give him the satisfaction, especially since you’re a top rated seller! Although it may not even affect your rating in the long run, you should let him have his precious $5. He would probably say you refused to modify his document and then refused to refund him. Even if it isn’t true and you make valid points (= say the truth) in your reply to his review, it might still scare off other potential buyers.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I hate letting people get away with anything bad they do, no matter how minor it may be. But I think it’s best to ignore it in some cases and just not have anything to do with certain types of people, such as the one you were unlucky to come across. If he honestly didn’t like what you did, I think he would have been more polite with asking for a cancellation/ refund or a revision. The “:)” is the best part to me.

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Oh the 🙂 was the icing on the cake! I have to get some beauty sleep right now unfortunately, so I’ll say goodnight for now. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction… that’s my main motivator. I just also don’t want the bad review.

And yes, it will irritate him to realize that not all Fiverr sellers desperately care about their 3.95 🙂 Already watching a previous bad client for a slip up, but beyond scary legal words, I can’t do much.

Wunderbar. Well I’m off, thanks for the input. May your days not be too blighted by buyers like this x (and to buyers reading this, don’t be this guy)

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This is by no means my worst “modification request”. Those deserve their own verboten name and shame gallery. I just cancel those with a “there’s no need to be rude” and a suggestion they take their money back and spend it on an etiquette class.

It works…

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I am curious what kind of gig was it? Withouth giving out the specifics, but this part of their letter to you got me curious “Of course I am not asking you to lie and oversell about the video in the copy, but something that will entice them to click on the video.”

What was the nature of the video you had to write an ad for? Was it inappropriate content?

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Fair question. This was the original order request. There was nothing inappropriate, just very high expectations with little guidance other than “be awesome” with CAPITAL LETTERS. This is literally the whole conversation (I don’t tend to interact much with clients until I start work and I delivered this with a stock delivery message that mentions mods are on standby)

My website: [his website, redacted] Plase take a look at it.

I want to achieve either of these goals
Goal 1 of my copy: Achieve 500 views for the following video below
Goal 2 of my copy: Achieve a CTR(Click through rate) of 10% for my FB Video ad with the same following video below
[youtube link, redacted[
Please watch the short 1 minute video in the youtube link before writing the FB copy.

Our target market for this youtube video will be mainly University STUDENTS between the age of 18-25 Years Old. We will target the ad this way. Hope you can deliver as promised as the number of views and clicks we have got has been disappointing. Thank you so much!🙂

I found this order problematic because I had goals to reach that are not within my power to achieve. If I could just whip up 500 viewers I would, but you know how that is these days, and it’s not ethical. My copy used negative advertising to make him stand out in an oversatuated market. The video was pretty lame, tbh, but I wasn’t paid to say that… only to write 50 words of possibly tempting copy. It’s not a lot of space and it’s skilled work, so for $5 you’re getting… experimental copy. That one weird tip that all doctors hate worked for belly fat (or getting suckers in). But no… it’s gotta be shiny happy people in 50 words. Shiny happy people is boring. That $5 buys not just 50 words but some thought as to the best approach to copy for a demographic. I write everything copywise, and the majority are happy (enough not to complain lol).

In any case, the two goals are OBVIOUS. Moar ppl! More sales! It’s not a brief. I took creative control and it failed. Hey, maybe I’ll send this discussion to him. Or link it in the Bad Review. It’s OK if he doesn’t like it, but do not request a mod and send me a snippy bit of shit like that.

I’m pretty bad at going to bed 😃

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and experimental isn’t a codeword for sloppy. Social media is very experimental… so experiment. At $5, with funding, you can experiment a lot. But with no actual brief as to direction etc, what am I meant to do? Half my Facebook is advertising, and deliberately so… these people don’t have a clue, and they want me to give them something that waves a wand and works NOW. It’s like they don’t have friends or understand how relationships work. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I’m willing to learn more. I really am going now, I hope you understand, it’s just very frustrating to put all this into a job and have Joe Fragglesrock whine about how it wasn’t what he wanted. It was a $5 gig, what did you really expect with that kind of brief? Facebook ads can be bloody targeted for starters… gah. Sweet dreams, or gliko oneira, as the Greeks pronounce it!

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You seem to be overthinking this. Don’t go the “Link it in the bad review” path xD Just give him his fragglesrocking refund and go get your beauty sleep. You won’t remember the case in a bit anyway so no need to have the review to remind you.

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If you’re already going to get a bad review, I’d probably give him a piece of your mind while you’re at it.

I had a tough buyer tell me a logo I designed “Looked like something I could create myself in PowerPoint”. I gave him a refund because I was new and wanted to make sure I kept my rating, but I REALLY wanted to say: Then go effing do it yourself buddy. Have fun making professional graphics in PowerPoint. I imagine you saying something similar to this jerkface.

Some people don’t understand what $5 really buys nor do they understand the art of what it takes to create the things they are buying. It’s actually ridiculous that someone who doesn’t have a talent they’ve had to HIRE SOMEONE FOR to say “That’s not good enough”.

Okay - rant over. Sleep well!

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But she’s not already going to get a bad review 😛 It’s a choice between getting it and not getting it/losing $5 and I don’t think it’s worth it. As I’ve already said, I know the feeling of wanting to tell someone off, but it’s better to just ignore them and pretend to have never met them. (For me anyway) 🙂

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I think we have dealt with those annoying buyers quite a few times, and there’s always
that ONE buyer that REALLY does the damage and really makes it hard to let it go.
I can’t remember when exactly it was, but there was this buyer who placed an order for $150
or so by “mistake”. OK, so you accidentally clicked on “buy now.” OK, I got it.
It does happen. But you are telling me that after that, you accidentally clicked on
EACH “gig extras” multiple times? And within a minute of placing the order,
I get the message “Sorry, order mistake please cancel.”

This happened to me a few times, but this one guy really got to my nerves and I don’t know
why. I kept denying his mutual cancellation, demanding a clear explanation on how on
earth it was possible to place that amount of order by mistake. I was just determined to
yank the answer out of him, I guess I wanted to make him admit that he did
it just to pss me off, but all he said was so sorry, please cancel, and kept sending the
mutual cancellation. I kept denying it.
Was it a childish for me to do? Oh heck yes. When this happened in other cases, I just
went ahead and accepted the cancellation, along with a sarcastic message, moved on,
and started working on my next gig.
But for some reason, that particular person really got to me.
Him saying oh so sorry, I so sorry, sorry, sorry, that’s was it was I think.
I was really grinding on my teeth when I finally clicked "accept."
I sent the buyer some “I hope you suffer from a terrible diarrhea for the next 48 hours and
grow over-sized pimples all over your body” karma-curse, and finally decided to move on.
I know, it’s childish. But like I said, for some reason I was soooooooo angry. But I did
eventually let it go and moved on.
Get some sleep Emma, and when you wake up, make yourself a nice cup of tea,
and just accept that suc
her’s cancellation. He’s not worth getting angry and upset over.

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Reply to @designbybliss:
A while ago I had the chance to talk to another TRS seller ( who is also a Facebook
friend of mine) who accidentally placed an order on the phone when she tapped the “order now” button by mistake, so yes, it does happen. If it’s a $5 order, I get it.
But when it’s something like clicking on every single gig extra, some of them you
actually have to scroll down, and still some people say it’s a mistake, nah don’t think
so! They are just trying to get on your nerves. Sad, but people like that do

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Not really part of the main thread - but thought I add that I too have (regrettably) bought a gig by mistake. I don’t use the phone app anymore as scrolling through gigs it is impossible not to touch a huge ‘buy now’ button. As a seller, I obviously have credit on fiverr so simply brushing against the screen while the app is open and a purchase has been made, money deducted and another seller is awaiting info. No other app on the iphone can grab money as quickly as the fiverr app without at least one ‘are you sure?’ message.

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Reply to @zeromark: I ordered by accident once in my early days on Fiverr. Someone asked if their gig requirements were written correctly and I wanted to be helpful. I think if I clicked order I could see their requirements but would get a confirmation button before actually buying. It immediately (of course) took $5 from my earnings and placed the order.

I felt bad since it was another new seller and didn’t want to cancel, so I just let him make a business card design even though I never used it. He did a good job so at least he got a nice review out of it. Some people seriously can’t afford even small accidental order when they are new, though, I know I was on an incredibly tight budget then. I can’t blame them for wanting to cancel and I wish Fiverr would add a confirmation, but I think they make some good commissions on nice people who go ahead and pay.

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Reply to @zeus777: I think if someone orders $150 and claims it was an accident, but they had to click and add all those gigs…I think that buyer might just be trying to fund their Fiverr account so they can then buy more gigs without paying a fee for every single $5 order. Just my guy feeling on that.

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