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Its seems I need a new job


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Hello Fiverr forum members,

My Fiverr story was an awesome story for almost 2 years. I started Fiverr selling video animation and I did that for 1 year. Then I started to sell graphic design services especially logo design services (my first love).

My gig used to be in first search results with a lot of daily orders. I did very well with my gig and I got great feebacks.

But in last 2 months a lot of things happened, I lost a family member and my work here was paused for a period of time. I used vacation mode and also I setted my delivery time to 28 days.

When me and my family was finally ok I was back to work for full time but my gig died day by day… Less orders for days and now not even one order for days.

A lot of things changed in metadata, you can not optimize your gig properly since search engine promote gigs like that for best tag “logo”:


It seems gigs with short and nonsense title are promoted ang get orders from new buyers who do not use filters.

I contacted Fiverr support few times but they can not help me anyway since they don’t know how search engine and metadata works.

If my gig is that bad to not get any order, please let me know.

I am desperately now and I am looking for a new job even this was my dream job.

Thank you guys,


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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I did not deleted it. I just suspended because I started to do what I love, logo design.
But I don’t own anymore license for softwares I used for video animations.

I just want to do what I used to do very well, logo design, but my gig is dead and I don’t know what to do to fix this.

Thank you for your reply,


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First of all I am very sorry for your loss.
Your delivery time is displayed as 2 days in your gig description but in the gig it shows 12 days. I would drop that down to actually 2 days. Overall on your other gigs I find the delivery time too long. Why not drop it down to 2 days if you are struggling to get orders? Some of them show a delivery time of 12 days -29 days nobody will order from you if they can get a logo somewhere else in 2 days? I just ordered a logo from a lady here on Fiverr, she just started recently and is very successful with 30-60 orders per day her delivery time is 2 days. A buyer might not take the time to read your gig description if they see a delivery time of 12 days. Good luck, I really hope it will pick up for you.

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@dukanu, I have checked out your Gig, and based on your standings and the details of your page (reviews, killer portfolio, Rating) you should be back on top of your game in no time. Keep updating your GIG Page and posting in these forums. Also the buyer requests… Exhaust all 10 offers you get daily, and just a peepshow of your portfolio, and orders will be rolling in.

Good Luck!


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