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  1. Glad to see a massive community complain. Sad to realize this is another really poor thinking decision and they won’t change it because they don’t care at all about the sellers. The day they started touching sellers integrity and rights, was the day they signed Fiverr ending. It may not seems like, but the way they treat the sellers makes good sellers leave Fiverr and slowly but surely it becomes what it was in the first place, a cheap service for cheap customers.
  2. I’ll work on it and deliver it. I really want to complete the order and offer him a great experience. I may offer some extra just to make the story even better LOL.
  3. Haha! It is definitely one of my best stories about Fiverr.
  4. I’m not at my office right now to check the gig, but I did not use that gig for at least 2 years. I deleted a lot of gigs over the years. It may be a suspended gig though.
  5. Ikr! I want to ask him too, but I’ll do it after the order is closed. I don’t want to influence the order at all.
  6. So this just happened. I just got a notification with a new order. Surprisingly, the order was placed 3 years ago but the buyer did not complete the order until today. My prices changed since then but I’ll be more than happy to work on it. By the way, the gig doesn’t even exist anymore. Sorry about the post, but I was thinking it is funny enough to share with you.
  7. This is the worst update I ever saw. Showing your deliveries that are years old, showing the amount for orders, this is ridiculous! Every project is different, our prices and quality are changing day by day. We should be able to control that. The person/s who proposed and implemented this update have no idea about freelancer’s industry. I also noticed the report button flag. So, we should expect some massive reports from the competition. I am totally disappointed.
  8. I think you can only see the badge in search results, not on profiles. Search for “minimalist logo” and let me know if you can see it.
  9. On my main browser (chrome), it is there. On the second browser (edge), I can see there is no badge for any gig. So maybe that was it.
  10. Yes, it is showing in search results.
  11. My gig got the badge too. I think is just a Fiverr vouch. It does not influence the search results or gig impressions at all.
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