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Allow the sellers to see buyer's ratings

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Hi, I am working on Fiverr since 4-5 months. I like working on fiverr. But there’s one big feature missing, “sellers can’t see ratings/reviews given to a Buyer”.

For example, Lets say, I receive a big offer from a new client, because he saw good ratings from my previous clients. But before accepting his offer, how can I trust him? How can I know that he won’t cancel the order after I deliver the work? There’s no way I can verify if the client is genuine. Its okay for 5-10$ gig, but what about a 100-200$ order or even more? This is one of the reasons, I don’t accept big offers from any clients. I have seen this feature in many other freelancing sites. I feel safer there to accept big offers like these, because I can verify the client.

I know I can contact fiverr’s customer support if a client cancels the order after receiving the work, but they won’t be able to help much. Because the client will simply say that he didn’t like my work, even if it was as per his requirements. This has happened to me once on fiverr : one of my client said everything is fine after testing the app I created. but as soon as I delivered him the code, he said its not what he wanted and canceled the order.

I know there’s a “top buyer” badge in fiverr now. But, It is just for regular buyer.

Fiverr already has option to rate buyers, but they aren’t visible in client’s profile. Then what’s the meaning of rating a buyer? Just to show it in the gig page.!!?

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