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Please ADD Additional Delivery time Options or Allow to SUBTRACT Days as part of Gig Extras

Guest geniusbranding

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Guest geniusbranding

Standard Gig $5 (7 day delivery or whatever)

24hr Express $50

GIG EXTRA #1 $10 DELIVER IN 3 DAYS (So I would just select dropdown -4 days and viola 🙂

GIG EXTRA #2 $20 DELIVER IN 2 DAYS (Same here be able to select -5 days)

In the gig extras they allow you to ADD days, but they should also allow you to subtract days as well in my opinion, so the gig timer is properly synced up. I think it would be a pretty cool feature.

Now Ideally i think it would be even BETTER if we didn’t have to use gig extras for this and just have multiple “express” times.




Anyway first time in this forum, will be back as there’s some pretty cool info here 🙂

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