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My Days on Fiverr are Over!


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Unfortunately, I’m totally kidding. 🙂

I received a message in my inbox from a dying man offering me… wait for it… $2 trillion dollars!!! All I had to do was trust him enough to believe it wasn’t a scam, and give him all my personal information. :))

Oh, the people who pop up on Fiverr. You gotta love this place! :))

(I thought I’d add this story because there’s just too much negativity on the forum today!)

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Wow, trillion???

I got a message from a priest telling me that he wants to give me 2.9 million dollars,

and I thought THAT was being generous.

Here’s the thing though, let’s say I do end up getting/winning/receiving several million dollars.

I still won’t quit Fiverr!

I’m sure I’ll go on a somewhat of a long vacation, maybe for several weeks on an

AWESOME cruise around the world, but after that I’ll be back here again LOL 😃

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Guest norrsken_marc

Reply to @maddisont: I find it interesting that this priest claiming to be in Benin (South Africa) gives out an email address from France yet still wishes to pay $2.970.000.00 in US dollars. Also odd that on his death bed, he would take the time to create a Fiverr account and copy/pasting his unbelievable story on almost everyone who posts on this forum. I hope everyone reports this so it can be taken care of by Fiverr.

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