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How can I rank my gig?

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Communicate promptly and clearly. Respond to messages promptly and be transparent about what you can offer. Make sure you understand the buyer's requirements thoroughly before starting the project. Ask questions if anything is unclear.

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11 hours ago, talha2782 said:

Stay online as much as possible


8 hours ago, jcat23232 said:

Active online


8 hours ago, lehning said:

Active online


2 hours ago, aminul_design said:

stay online

That is useless and a waste of time. 

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You have received 3 orders in your tenure of 4 months on the platform, last order was delivered 3 weeks back.

Majority of sellers here wait for their 1st order for months. 

Don't seek sympathy. Use the time to improve your skills and develop newer-better samples for your gigs. Add realistic samples to your Fiverr portfolio, instead of templates. 

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