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1 year on fiverr but not get any order..why


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Here are a few thoughts on your profile. It looks like 4 months ago you did deliver something and got a good review, but I’m guessing you suspended or deleted that gig. Once you get a rating that can be a help to getting more, so in general it’s best to keep selling gigs up if you can.

You need more images of the types of book covers you can make, especially if that is going to be your only gig. I am not an artist, so take this next part with a grain of salt and maybe others can say if I am incorrect. One thing I admire about the images you do have is that they appear to be your real work. Don’t take that too lightly in spite of what else I have to say. Many sellers are not honest with their images and I think that’s awesome.

With that said, I would suggest seeing if you can get some friends to help you learn a little more about book cover design. If you don’t know anyone who can help, perhaps you could hire someone without spending too much. The covers you have aren’t terrible, but they are fairly simplistic and I think they could look more polished. Also, the text on your covers doesn’t come off quite right, which is very minor since authors usually provide the text. Since these are your examples, though, study up a little on how a book cover looks and what is written on it. The one that says “A Book About World” is a little rough sounding. Something with more detail and that sounds like a real title might be better. Perhaps make up a plain author name and add a byline. Use a graphic that looks less “clip art” for the world.

Two other things I would suggest. One is to get some help with your English on your profile and descriptions. Even though you aren’t advertising as a writer it helps people understand you and makes you look professional. The other suggestion I have is to try and come up with additional gigs you think you could do really well. You don’t have to have a ton of them, but just one doesn’t give you a lot to work with.

Good luck!

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Guest vectormoon

Do not spend any more time on waiting. If you really want to start selling, check out such things as “layout”, “color theory”, “composition” and “typography”. There are thousands of free tutorials available online. You can improve your skills (and your sales) tremendously within just few weeks. It’s the internet, there is free education everywhere 🙂

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I agree that you can spend some time learning how to design, but my suggestion is that you set up new gigs to sell things you are actually good at.

In your profile you say that you are a “professional” & “expert” graphic designer. It’s clear that you are not. Your profile is full of keywords, but nothing to back up those words.

If you are actually a computer teacher, you’d be better off setting up gigs for that. Everyone wants to sell logos because it’s an active category on Fiverr, but it’s overflowing with competition, it will be very difficult to ever make consistent sales.

Focus on something you can really do and then promote it off of Fiverr. Good luck.

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