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Success or No Success With "Drive Traffic Gigs"


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To Date I have ordered 2 Gigs that said they would

  1. Drive Traffic to my Site
  2. Blast my Copy/Link to their Solo Ads List of 19 Million

    To Date #1 Delivered 50% Traffic from the US, however having

    worked in Marketing and Advertising the numbers just do not add up.

    I mean over 300 Hits to my Site and no Optins.

    I have a Traffic Business that sends out Emails and for that amount of

    Clicks, I generated over 50 Leads and 2 Sales.

    #2, I see no action. I communicated with the Seller to see if my Ad was

    sent as she marked it delivered, but having set the Link up to Track the

    Clicks, I see no Action as of yet.

    I am usually Optimistic and will give these Sellers the Benefit of the Doubt.


    I do Traffic and Email Blast also, however I only create Gigs from Experience

    and Success…And I Test my Copy prior to Mailing the Clients order.

    Why waste someone’s time and money to make statements you’re not able to


    I know we can make no Guarantees when it comes to Traffic, but at the end of

    the Day…QUALITY always beat QUANTITY.

    Appreciate Your Reading.


    P.S “Would love to hear your Traffic Experience…here on Fiverr…Success or No Success”
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First of all, they are probably fake bot hits to your website.

But even if they were real hits, getting traffic to your site does not mean optins. YOu need to have real targeted visitors who are in the market for your product or service. And you need to make sure your website is good enough to make the conversions. And the fact that you get better statistics from your own business, probably means you have better target market of visitors.

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Yes Sincere18,

Appreciate your Feedback.

I totally agree. They do state these are not bots, so I put them

to the Test.

This way I know who’s who here on Fiverr.

You are correct getting Traffic doesn’t Guarantee Opt-ins

and I seek or make no guarantees, however numbers don’t lie.

As in 300-400 hits and 0 Opt-ins to a Page that Generates 6 and 5 Figures.

Just saw my Son scratch his head…that’s what I feel like doing…"Scratch My Head"


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Reply to @dallasrose:

There are already numerous articles and forum posts concerning traffic scams on Fiverr. I’m sorry that you hadn’t been smart enough to do some research first… I was also silly once when I thought of buying those traffic gigs. Just Google “Avoid Website Traffic Scams on Fiverr” or search about this topics in this forum, and you’ll be “amazed”.

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Most sellers on fiverr offer automated traffic which is just bots not real people that is why you haven’t had much success. I personally do indexing which brings your site closer to the first page in search engines. This brings more people to your site naturally no bots, no fake people. Only real traffic. You should search Fiverr for Indexing gigs. (or check me out 😉 )

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