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Any tips/advice to get 5 to 10 orders daily


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  1. Share your GIG in social media site ()


    2.Try to make blog or website and try to increase the traffic.


    3.Try to online more hour. (



    4.Send buyer request daily (***)


    5.Reply to your client ASAP when they message you.


    6.Try to keep your portfolio clean and eye-catching look .


    7.Don’t give up


    8.Give full support and more offer until your gig come up. (1 day service,Unlimited revision,…)


    9.Carefully write your GIG description,

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5-10 orders a day is a great goal - that’s my first long-term goal and I’m getting there slowly but surely. My experience has been really good on Fiverr, and you’re welcome to read about it here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/58062/32-detailed-tips-to-optimize-your-gigs-and-start-selling-today But what Art Studio said in the first comment, yeah - fast communication and good customer support are really important, because those 5-10 orders a day will mostly be repeat customers.

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Guest isabelle1980


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Reply to @isabelle1980:

-Turn off your caps lock key and use caps only when appropriate. I noticed that you also have trouble with caps on your page. While you aren’t writing in all caps like you are here, you have some letters uppercase that don’t need to be and others (like “i”) in lowercase when they should be upper.

-Proofread your gig descriptions and profile or get/hire help for that. That will also help you if you are confused about uppercase/lowercase.

-Use all the tags they offer you when setting up gigs and make sure those are spelled correctly.

-Use original gig images, a real profile photo or your own logo and have Fiverr correct your country if it is not accurate.

-You may want to wait to do a writing gig until you have a little more skill. Maybe you can add some other gigs that are in line with things you do well.

Those are just a start. I can’t be sure they will help you, but the problems with your profile and gigs probably are making it harder to get a sale.

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Add videos to your gig. It can be of you talking about what you do, or juts some of your work, set to music, or a mixture of both. Video does help.

Also, your logos are good. What kind of actual real life work experience and/or training do you have? I might suggest you add that into your profile write up.

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Reply to @isabelle1980: I would also change the part about 100% positive feedback when you don’t have any feedback on this gig yet. I understand that you probably have 100% positive feedback off fiverr, if this is the case you should probably mention that more clearly or have it on your profile instead.

You want to be positive, however I think this can go against you as it draws the buyers attention to the fact you have no eating.

I have also found that putting a line on mine saying please contact me before buying has helped a lot. It is a positive both ways. It’s an invitation for the buyer to contact you and ask questions. Italso gives you the option to accept or decline a gig.

Reading through the forum is helpful, if you do something stupid on here, someone else has most likely done the same. If you’re confused about something, someone else likely would have been too. There is no point in reinventing the wheel, when there is already a perfectly good one.

Listen to @fonthaunt I would have said the same thing but well, the wheel.

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