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I have lots of work I need done and I’ve had good experience with Fiverrs work so far, but I find the interface frustrating and unnecessarily complicated. I want to order again from someone I ordered from before and I can’t figure out for the life of me how to do it. I click on her icon on our correspondence and it takes me to a completely useless page. I try to check my payment history to make sure I’m up to date with everyone and there is no way to make a payment from the status page and finding the page where to make a payment has so far been impossible for me. VERY VERY frustrating and time wastings and its costing Fiverrs hundreds of dollars of lost work from me a lone.

I D NOT want to go on a random forum and get questions anwered piecemeal. Where is the simple tutorial?

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Guest ricksper

the most reliable way to do that is to enter this URL in your browser window if you know the user name.


That will get you to the user’s main page.


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I finally got an answer after 30 minutes of poking around the system.

In order to pay someone you have to go to “notifications” and click on the relevant link in the que. Then and only then can you find the way to pay and review someone if you’ve lost track of them.

You can’t reach it from their profile, from your correspondence with them or by looking at the status of your orders.

Absolutely horrible interface design.

Instead of imposing a tax on buyers, Fiverr should invest in making their interface useable by people who don’t have all day to sort out their mysteries. Less cute “branding” comments, incomprehensible insider jargon and other obstructionist BS and a cleaner interface would make then a lot more money.

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Hi there,

Click this link to be taken to your order interface:


This shows you the status of every order you’ve made, including orders that need reviewing (they will show under the ‘delivered’ tab). To get in contact with previous sellers, simply find them from the above interface.

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@saddu_writer It’s in the forum rules that we were all required to read:

“1.) When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed.”

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