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Express Delivery gone from my gig


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Hi Guys!

Yesterday i deliver an order but after deliver i got a problem with my gig.The express delivery sign gone from my gig.

Second problem check pic in attachment where from i find who didn’t leave ratings and how to get ratings from these buyers.

Third problem is the before this delivery i have 100% rating but this buyer give me 3 stars now my rating is low what i do to get back 100% ratings now i need only 1 order to get Level 1 on fiverr…


Osman shahbaz

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1/ If you didn’t deliver an express order on time, fiverr can take the express delivery option away. (and not sure if this is what happened in this instance)

2/ Not everyone leaves ratings, that’s just life. Some people ask their buyers to, others (like me) just prefer to let them leave ratings of their own accord.

3/ You will have to get more orders that people are happy and give you five stars. You won’t necessarily get level 1 with your current rating, so you may need to wait.

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