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  1. Well, @lldrac, there is no easy way when it comes to support. I’ve been here on Fiverr as a seller for over 8 years and I know when I say that support is the same for years and it won’t get better. One thing that I appreciate them for is standing by their rules. No matter what. You break it, you pay it. Best way is to avoid getting in that area. Talk with the seller until there’s nothing left and ask a mutual cancellation. Regarding logos, try to search for high-rating gigs, top rated sellers or at least level two with thousands of reviews. You will definitely have a different experience. There are great people here on Fiverr and great entrepreneurs. You don’t have to quit Fiverr just because one fail. Keep it up! You can still use the logo though. Kind regards
  2. Hello @xcsp8vhxldqk9un It will be hard to promote yourself due to the username. Hard to remember. But I think you can start building your portfolio here on Fiverr and on places like Behance, Dribbble, etc. and promote your Fiverr link there, on posts. Best of luck!
  3. My pleasure. Go out there and amaze people with your services and you will be successful. Best of luck!
  4. To be honest I don’t see anything shady in it :thinking: Drop shipping is not illegal even in Europe. If you are a sole trader you don’t have a “company” address which is also normal and not everyone will provide their phone number on a website if you are a sole trader to get unsolicited calls. That’s how drop shipping works. He can add whatever margin he wants to. That is not ok but it also might be website in progress. Which is ok, every company can decide on their own refund policy. Most websites are on platforms like shopify and there is nothing shady about that too. But if you feel safer to cancel then so be it. I agree with @mariashtelle1. It’s nothing shady doing dropshipping. I do that as well. It doesn’t mean I am a scammer. Most people don’t know about Aliexpress.
  5. @mustansarshabir since it’s 3 years old, I’d say keep the old one. Get some orders, feedbacks and you will see that it’s gonna work. It’s for reputation actually.
  6. @mushfiq_ayon you do this affirmation based on what? @mustansarshabir you might actually affect both accounts. Take care if you sell the same gigs on both.
  7. If you deliver the orders on time it will increase your delivery rate/time. It’s a good thing.
  8. Number of orders within a 60 days period.
  9. Hey there, That stat is only for you. You will be evaluated at every 15th of the month based on that so you must keep it as high as possible. (over 90%) Good luck!
  10. Yep, just report that guy to Customer Service, make some screeenshots and they will definitely help you out.
  11. 1 cancelled order won’t hurt your stats too much. Just ask for cancellation by hitting the “The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order” and ask Customer Support and see if they can bypass the cancelled order on stats. Getting a 1-star rating will affect your account. 1 cancelled order is forgotten by system after 2 months or more successful deliveries.
  12. …I guess it’s another variation of “hope for the best, but expect the worst”, so that you’ll be covered in case something bad happens. The uneducated will tend to spend exuberantly, treating their income projections as actual reality, and so they increase their cost of living in tandem with their income. It’s an old fool’s trap. It takes great discipline to do the right thing and not feel that we have to "keep up with the Jones’ ", and feel compelled to buy a new car because our friends just got one, or eat out 5x a week because we “earned it”. Those are all irrationalizations that only serve the ego but completely undermine a stable and growing business. When you have a ‘good’ month that exceeds your usual standard deviation mean income, don’t spend it! Save it to cover you on ‘bad’ months, so you preserve your mean income (mathematically speaking). Treat your business like the machine that it is. It’s a numbers game, and the numbers move with your performance. Emotions don’t run it. And ego breaks it. Stay strong. Stay on your balance beam. Only the strong survive. Get back up, lesson learned. Thicker skin. All that stuff 💪 All this is fun! Even after the wipe outs and bruises. I’m still here. More Hats = More Power We have to break the old parent-child relationship way of thinking, and begin to shift into a partner-partner, win-win type of situation. They are always evolving and adding great features. Occasionally, break away and see the 10,000-foot view of the entire ecosystem, where the competition is going and how the online marketplace is transforming. We are creatures existing within fiverr’s ecosystem and fiverr’s rules. I don’t believe fiverr owes us anything. Simply put… If you’re still getting those “nominated for TRS” emails, kiss it goodbye. Face it: your status ain’t coming back unless you triple-down on your effort. What those emails are intended to do is grab you by the shirt and say, “Hi, little buddy! Guess what? You’re staying at the bottom of the totem pole…again. Just like we told ya last month, and the previous 6 months before that. Wha’cha gonna do about it…hm?” Freelancers wear multiple hats. We are “Jack of all trades, master of none, still better than master of one.” Time to learn a new skill. Marketing. Have you checked out their Learning Course section? 😁 Holy… @freddyfiver1 you nailed it with this reply. 💯 Very valuable information and we all should learn from your story straight away. Been exactly there some time ago and I didn’t fully recover yet. I have also been waiting for the last 6 months to get back as TRS but it will never come. Better learn to market yourself. 😉 Thank you, Freedy!
  13. Actually I’d need to delete multiple gigs because on level 0 it counts inactive gigs (draft and I think paused ones too) in the total even though the level help screen says the limit is just for active gigs. It should just let you pause one or more to create new ones but it doesn’t. That’s correct. Try to level up. Do some marketing on your gigs and you should be good on 15th of the next month to add more gigs.
  14. As long as you live, you learn. You do. You develop. And you succeed. Chin up @uk1000. Try. You have nothing to lose. Even if a gig is failing you can simply delete it and start a new one. Just go for it.
  15. This is so very true. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. To try and fail is not nearly as bad as never trying at all. @uk1000 You don’t have to think about Fiverr on this topic. The thing is, you have to learn something new for yourself. Be good at it and then come here on Fiverr and place a new gig that you actually can do. After all, it’s the DOERS platform.
  16. Hello @mrkhanrahman What page do you want to access? If it keeps happening try to contact Fiverr Support.
  17. Hello @worthforcheap. Don’t stress. It will be fixed. You can always open a ticket and ask them to check your profile. I had an issue with the withdrawals and they helped pretty fast. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/ Keep us posted. Maria
  18. I agree with all of you. Now it’s even worse with this. I thought everything was great, the buyer constantly said how ‘fantastic’ my work was and I couldn’t see his feedback until I gave mine, which was 5 stars and he gave me just two and a lame comment. C’mooooon… How is this fair?
  19. You should take care of what you’re saying. Even if he swear to you first, you still have to act professionally and talk nice. Do not go down on his level, just be a leader. 🙂 Hope you will fix that feedback with Fiverr CS and next time, be kind.
  20. I don’t think two days passed without a reply from Fiverr Customer Support. It’s true that all the tickets are sorted in some priority queue but is impossible to wait 48 hours without any reply. In what category did you post when you added your ticket?
  21. Does it matter? The PC or the IP used? What if you’re in a Hub, with dozen of freelancers using the same IP? What if you work with your family on the same account using the same IP or even different computers on the same account? Trust me, been there, done that. As long as you’re not trying to fraud Fiverr or give yourself orders, it’s good.
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