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  1. Yes, I agree. I think need custom made reply for every buyer requests. Copy and paste will not all times.
  2. Totally agree with you. If someone desn't have skills, who cannot get more Sales.
  3. Use the main keypad instead numeric keypad. That will fix the issue.
  4. Try to clarify your services clearly on description and gig image too. Sometimes that will help.
  5. You are not able to attached files while apply for buyer requestes. But as above mentioned there are some special webs to use showcase your past work. However, don't use any other webs(own or third party) or links to share your work. It's totally violates terms of Fiverr.
  6. I think most important way is communicate with buyer while making the additional services. If you do addtional than normal gig, you need to discuss with buyer and request to add extra fee.
  7. Tell him/her contact you after the verifiying. Don’t trust buyers stating the “will give you more jobs” in future without giving any order initially.
  8. Don’t accept outside payments or outside communication. It breaks Fiverr terms and conditions.
  9. Awesome… Waiting to update 😋
  10. No, according to my knowledge client has 14 days to review the order. Fiverr didn’t review every order. Buyer can write the review regarding your work according to satisfaction.
  11. I think that seller not available on Fiverr now.
  12. Only 10 Buyer requests available per day.
  13. You have to wait 14 days to get paid. Please review article regarding the withdrawal process. Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  14. Yes, you can close current and open a new one. But I suggest you to contact CS before creating a new one.
  15. Wait for some new orders and minimalize cancellations. Complete your next 90% orders back it 100%
  16. Don’t open two accounts. If you opened two, you will be ban soon. However you can offer both services on your existing account. Because both services are in different category.
  17. You can use both according to my knowledge.
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