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Maybe not the best category but probably if a lot of sellers share their info we will know what is good and bad in our stats and how we compare to each others to be able to improve some things. Personally I would like to know how good are my stats for conversion rate, avg selling price, percentage of positive reviews and cancellation rate.

So I would like to share some of my analytics data and also you can match my suggested format and share yours. No need to give all the data it bothers you, give at least something to compare 🙂

Overall Analytics


Active Gigs - 19

Orders - 2400

Rating - 100%

Responsiveness - 1 Day

Avg Selling Price - $5

Positive Reviews - 1.6K (68%)

Negative Reviews - 5 (0.2%)

Not Rated - 762 (32%)

Canceled Orders - 3%

Extra Fast Delivery - 10%

Last 30 Days Analytics


Page Views - 1529

Gigs Saved - 2019

Conversion - 3.5%

p.s. for extra fast delivery percentage you can just open 4 times “load more” in completed orders and that will be last 100 orders so just count how many of your orders were asked to be extra fast 🙂

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