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Optimize Your Supply With The Latest Industry Buzzwords 🐝

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As savvy designers, you know keeping your designs searchable is the key to success. That’s why the Logo Maker Team is back, bringing you the latest industry trends and hottest search terms to supercharge your design visibility and skyrocket your sales!




Industry Specific Tips:


Sports Equipment Manufacturing 

Buyers in this industry usually take one of two routes. Either they’re looking for a logo that highlights specific equipment (like “golf clubs” and “soccer balls”) or for an abstract symbol representing athleticism, movement, or strength.

Dominate searches with specific equipment terms or generic shapes (“dynamic lines,” “swoosh effects”) that capture the essence of action.

Here is an example of each: 

Designed by @jeupereira @shamlirotem 


Kids Toys

While buyer preferences for this industry are diverse, successful logos tend to be soft, playful, and simple. Think cute cartoon characters, bright colors, and engaging shapes. 

Focus on design expressing "fun," "adventure," or "toys" to attract buyers looking for the perfect playthings.

Designed by @budaart @name_art , budaart


Architecture & Interior Design

Logos for this industry are very straightforward, buyers are looking for designs with houses and end up buying designs with houses. With so many house options in the Logo Maker, we recommend finding one that showcases your unique point of view and style to help you stand out.


Your choice of design can help buyers bring their vision to life! Think about expressing different styles that reflect different spaces, such as "home," "modern," and "luxury.". Showcase houses, keys, and other symbols that evoke feelings of home.


Designed by @tomtypography @yehorkolchyba @harshas 


Candy store

Sweeten your reach with versatile tags! Include “sweets” alongside more specific tags like “candy” or “chocolate,” to capture a wider audience.


Designed by @markwilsson @tnknwrks 


Feeling Inspired?

Think of this as your design to-do list. Head back to your dashboard and:

  • Retag relevant designs with trending keywords.
  • Upload new designs inspired by the hottest searches.
  • Unleash your creativity with fresh logo concepts!

Let's keep the conversation going!

What are your thoughts on these trending keywords? Do you have any favorites? Share your design tips and tricks in the comments below!


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  • Logo Maker Team changed the title to Optimize Your Supply With The Latest Industry Buzzwords 🐝

Architecture & Interior is my favorite.
From my experience, buyers tend to purchase Premium packages more often and the CTR is quite high.

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