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  1. Same problem here, i was receiving around 60-90 orders per month until MARCH 2020, but after that i just getting around 5-10 orders per month only from old clients, no new messages at all, now its been 9 months and i’m loosing hopes with fiverr, my rating is 5.0 and full of positive feedbacks from all of my buyers. i dont think good work and feedback matters with fiverr algorithm, its just lucky and random, so I’m planning to move away from fiverr and no more hopes available. only way to move forward is learning more skills and find a way to survive as a freelancer.
  2. Hi, i’m letting this know to everyone because you will also face same problem in future, so Beware! I was a level 2 seller yesterday and was going on full, my stats was 100% - 99% - 95$ - 5* in all category, but i recived a email from CS that i have demoted to level 1 seller and will be terminated from fiverr if this happend again, first i was be like “What??”, then i contact CS and they said that " you were asked a buyer to leave a review", so its against our policy and manipulate the system, i tried to explain them that was not a favorable review request or 5 start rating request, i just let the buyer please complete the order and comment anything so you will complete the order. because the buyer is satisfied with his order and he want to complete it, i thought he dont know how to end/finish this to download all the files, so just communicate him through fiverr message and ask him to complete the order, he was clicking revision button to just send some messages even he complete the revisions. so as a human you will know this is not about a review or ratings, just let him know that how fiverr works. BUT today i’m sitting in my chair and worrying how a small mistake can turn everything down. its not a complaint or ranting, just want to let you guys be aware what you are typing and message even you are not doing any bad things. (sorry for my English if any mistakes) Thank you.
  3. yes, there is no filter to show available now gigs in the top pages, but it shows only 3 gigs as available now in the middle of the page. i used to got lots of inquiries and orders when it worked properly, now i dont see any special being “available now” active.
  4. Hello Guys, I was pretty busy few days ago and got decent amount of sales with few views/impressions for my gigs, but suddenly now (1 week) i’m not getting any views or impressions to my gigs, i haven’t update or edit my gigs and i was online most of the time. i couldn’t figure it whats going on! any one had the same issue? or is this a normal thing on the fiverr? Note: Normally if i get 10 or more views there will be 2-3 new orders. 🙂 https://www.fiverr.com/markwilsson/make-your-sports-logo-faster
  5. Hello Guys, I know this topic was discussed before, but it was long time ago ( i guess ). i’m posting this because may be new updates and trends have changed(?). so anyone know which is better for a seller? Vacation mode or Pausing GIG?
  6. I was getting more than 10 orders per day in last week, but once fiverr update the average/starting pricing thing i didn’t got even 3 views/clicks for my gig. also price is showing differently what i offer inside the gig. anybody have the clear thoughts about this thing? help me!
  7. Hello Guys. I’m happy and worry at the same time, because one of my gig is getting 15+ orders in a day for continuously this week, i’m afraid that i might be late on some orders, so what i’m thinking is to increase my prices and update the GIG, is that a bad idea or good idea? anyone had same experience? if i updated the gig, will it disappear from top page? help me experts. thank you.
  8. July is really special for me, I just got the level 2 seller status 3 days ago and my sales increased 200% , yesterday my dashboard filled with new orders, more than 12 orders in a day. almost delivered all on same day. I think i’m gonna be more busy in few days.
  9. thank you so much for your comments, appreciate lot.
  10. Hello Everyone, I have completed 51 orders but got about 42 reviews only, thats mean rated order 82% , will this affect my gig search or affect my impressions? please leave a comment if anyone have idea about this. thank you.
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