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How to ready your next project?

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So you're looking to hire a freelancer to help assist in your project? Not so fast. Before jumping in to find your next hire on Fiverr, it’s important to conduct thorough research and preparation. Here are some important factors to consider while preparing to hire for your next project.

Clearly Define Your Objectives
Before committing to a service, take a moment to clarify what you wish to achieve by making this purchase. Consider what success looks like for you and what service will most likely get you there. For instance, hiring someone to create your social media graphics will not automatically grow your Instagram account or increase sales. If growth and conversion is your main goal, influencer marketing, or paid ads might be a better option for you. Educating yourself on the service and its benefits will help you set appropriate expectations and avoid wasting your time and money on irrelevant services. 

Identity Essential Tools and Platforms
As you browse through the marketplace, you will notice great variety in the tools, platforms, and softwares used by different sellers in each service. It's essential to conduct research to identify which platforms and tool best suit your project needs. For example, when seeking website development, decide whether a robust platform like Wordpress is necessary, or if a simpler solution like Wix or Squarespace suffices. Is a Canva graphic OK or would you much prefer it to be created on Adobe Illustrator? Understanding the different options enables you to narrow down your choices and select a freelancer who can work effectively within your preferred framework.

Research Market Price
Before engaging sellers, it’s important to grasp the average market price for your service of interest. This understanding becomes especially important when completing a brief, as setting your budget too high may lead to inflated quotes, while setting it too low could deter responses from freelancers. Additionally, while pricing shouldn’t be the sole determinant, being aware of market prices aids in vetting sellers on the marketplace. Significantly lower prices may indicate lower quality or that the freelancer, or gig is new to the platform, whereas prices aligning with or exceeding market standards can often signify higher quality. By comprehending market prices, you can make well-informed decisions and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. 

Before diving into hiring your next freelancer it's crucial to approach the process with careful consideration. Prioritizing steps such as defining objectives, assessing tools and platforms, and understanding market prices can significantly enhance the outcome and satisfaction of your project. 

Still need additional assistance, or want to take the research to a professional to find the perfect hire? We have a team of dedicated Fiverr Advisors ready to help you. Schedule a call with one by visiting here or emailing them at buyer-success@fiverr.com. 

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