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  1. Thank you ! Here is what I think is most needed: The ability to search and find a logo from my list quickly - beyond the lazy-load. currently logos that are beyond the lazy-load batch are not found, so we need to scroll through the whole list and wait for the loading in each lazy-load batch, and only then make the search. Show logo views / clicks by buyers. We want to know if there is a logo that is catching attention but do not sale and try to improve it. And also to know what best attract buyers Earnings: avg. monthly earnings and number of sales, this month earnings + number of sales Show my top seller logos + the keywords that has been searched and top seller variations show my top seller keywords - (Keywords that has been searched by the buyers and ended in a sale of my logos) if possible show my top seller color palletes / combination if possible show my top seller layouts show top seller industries show industries that I have no logos there or poor performance Insight section: what are the search trends, keywords, industries, sales, custom suggestion to improve sales for a specific logo, how to imporve / optimized Thanks
  2. Hi @Logo Maker Team I was wondering about the algorithm that decides what logos to present to the buyers. I want to re-visit all of my previous logos and apply your recommendations about variations uniqueness and versatility + other tips you provided and fixes. But for example if the algorithm rated those logos low - variation-wise, or some other reason... will it give the logos another chance once i'll make the improvements ? will those logos can be re-rated by the algorithm and emerge in the listing ? Thanks !
  3. Thanks for all the hard you put in to it ! It is very Appreciated ! Btw, Thanks a lot for the Share Logo option ! It is very important and was missed A few things I think can increase the experience : Logo Editing: Allow editing and creating gradient Preserve fonts properties when changing layout allow to select a variation and on a click of a button change layout allow replacing logomark and preserve all variations already made Allow to delete parts / elements of the logomark In general, It would be great to find a way to make color / font editing quicker: May be show panel near the selection instead in the side panel, Like Microsoft: Logo details: allow copy / paste industry tags auto suggest industry tags Logo dashboard Improve / allow to see all the logos quicker and more accessibly. currently there a list in Lazy-Load so the search not effective there, and takes a while to find a logo. Improve search logo from the list show more useful data for the logo sales: what are the best selleres / trends / keywords users used to buy a certain logo / views / conversion / etc In general the dashboard need to be taken to the next level Allow to select a logo and download Professional / Essential package - Will save a lot of time when users want custom changes - Currently we need to recreate the variation and than make the user's changes User Order Where Customize For Me Feature has gone ? Users still want custom changes When downloading a package of user's order - Please Name the zip file as the order number User side - Search Results Search results sometimes shows irrelevant results, For example: Searching Football will sometimes show tennis ball May be show a little more results The animation / waiting for results are too long in my opinion Thanks again !
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