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Has anyone else received this notification for becoming top-rated seller?



Dear Sellers, I'm a level two seller for around 3 years. I've been top-rated eligible for 1 year and I just received this notification to take a "Python programming test". Does this means I'm going to be top-rated next month if I pass this (which I already did I believe). Has anyone received this notification and what is your experiences with becoming top rated, have you got significant sales?

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240302125909 PM.jpg

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Typo, incomplete context.
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Hello @mohsin_rizz

I just got the same notification as yours. I was trying to find something related on the internet and I got your post now. I am not sure either. 
My guess is: The evaluation team is currently focusing on reviews for freelancers in high-demand categories. The list of these categories will be dynamically updated. They took a lot of manual check in order to confirm the quality and observes your effort. Once they feel okay with you they might send you a notification to verify that you are eligible for what you are selling.

Just wanted to know: what is your update now? Have you done your test? and did they contacted you or something?



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