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How I can improve my gig quality and more sales


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I understand your frustration. I think we have all been there - and probably we will remain being there in the future as this business is like a roller coaster of emotions.

What I do in my case when I have very low-peak periods of work is asking myself whether I should refine or improve: 

(1) anything from my gigs - title/description/keywords optimization/addition of video/thumbnails/add more questions to the FAQ section, etc
(2) my Fiverr profile description

If you believe those are fine and you really cannot do anything else to improve them, I then start questioning myself whether my gigs have any value or future projection. For instance, I do have a gig with over 700 impressions (which for me is a lot), 5 clicks, but still no orders yet. Very likely I will soon delete this gig as clearly it is not attracting any buyers. I think those are the things you need to take into account to move yourself to a better position.

Comparing yourself to other successful sellers who are offering similar services is always a good option. By no means I am saying copy their material! I am just saying if someone is offering similar services and they succeeded, try to learn how they reached that level of success by learning from their techniques/marketing strategies.

Overall, if you have work to do in Fiverr, focus on delivering the best top-quality product to your client. If you are going through little-to-no-work periods of time, then focus on both optimizing your gigs and improving your professional skills to become a well-rounded freelancer.

This is just my humble opinion. I am still a New Seller, and have tons of things to learn!

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