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hey, guys i need advice i have a client how wants to talk to me should give him my personal number.



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1 hour ago, xbvsjdjdj said:

 and he wants me to work with his team through whatsapp. please tell me what should i do.

You can say:

Fiverr don't allow to have external message, you can continue message me inside this chat, how can I help you?

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This is what I think about this… and what I predict….

1)    The OP made 1 sale since the creation of his Fiverr account in January 2020. The sale was recently made, and the OP is realizing that after all this time he can earn money on Fiverr.
2)    A scammer contacts him and wants to communicate outside Fiverr.
3)    The OP knows very well that this is a violation of the Terms of Service, but…… he is desperate to earn more money.
4)    The OP uses the forum to find a solution to bypass the Terms of Service.
5)    The OP will contact the scammer.
6)    The OP is going to be scammed.
7)    The Fiverr account of the OP will be canceled.

Who thinks that I am right?

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