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  1. Yes, this is not clear why, it seems a bug on the app, if you don't log in from your PC you will receive an email stating that you have not reviewed the requirements...and most likely at that moment they are already attacking your performances... can you check it @Kesha ?
  2. I don't think our performance will be penalized if we contact Fiverr customer service.... but we can ask @Kesha for confirmation.
  3. you forgot that you have to maintain 4.2 to be a level 1,2, top..... for who in the past have archived a lot of 5 star reviews "maybe" will remain in their level, but a new seller will not be able to reach 4.2 stars to reach the first level.... This may mean that Fiverr is thinking of demoralizing new sellers so that they leave the platform and only "old" sellers with a good history reviews can continue working... or they are thinking to set a new "Seller Level"... example reducing level 2 to 3.2 stars.... @Kesha can you clarify it for us?
  4. @Kesha when this new system comes in, all sellers Level is expect to drop, so sellers with first level or second level or Top Rated will move to new sellers level..... or Fiverr will reduce the target that sellers has to keep to maintain its level? ( Since now to be a Level 1 or 2 or Top Rated need to have at least 4.2 stars )
  5. let's see what @Kesha says, because if the other metrics will be used "against" the seller's performance then it is better to remove.... since the client will have about 10 submetrics... and certainly they will bore the clients so as to leave "wrong" information
  6. We get a lot of these messages! They try to find as much information as possible so that they can re-sell same service to your, and they do it with their seller account....
  7. Hi @Kesha, do the metrics in the red boxes affect seller performance? or only the "emojis" will affect seller performance? Because if the metrics in the red boxes also affect the seller's performance, this means that the seller has 2 master metrics and about 10 sub metrics..... 😓
  8. Hi @Kesha since now we have private reviews and public reviews and it's not very clear for me.... can you explain how both reviews affect the seller's performance? Example: if a client leaves a public review with 1 star and also leaves a private review with 1 star, these are calculated as 2 "options" to be calculated in the seller's performance? or these are counted as 1 "option" to be calculated in the seller's performance?
  9. @Kesha I don't understand, why do private reviews have to exist? Private reviews seem like you're telling the client that they first left an untruthful public review, but now we're asking to client to leave a hidden truthful review... it seems like the system doesn't trust what customers say in the public reviews... so if the client decided the first time not to leave a public review, after a few days we send a second email to the client ( and it can annoying/irritating ) by asking to leave a private review, so having irritated the client for sure they will leave a private negative review ( for the system's fault.... ) According to my purchasing habits the best thing is to leave a review only when client accepts the order and client must also have the opportunity to refuse to leave a review, and this review to respect freelancer work and for compliance with clarity should be visible to everyone, so that the freelancer can improve himself work and other buyers can decide whether to buy from that seller or not.
  10. I thought the same! Many of my clients feel oppressed by this thing ( leaving private reviews and public reviews ) furthermore the private review data is not shared with the seller and this makes everything unclear for the seller and how to improve the service. Since Fiverr are changing the public reviews system I hope that Fiverr team can also change something on the private reviews, by removing them or sharing the data with the seller. ( @Kesha )
  11. This is an important part to know, since there is little clarity/clear on it.
  12. even if you select "online sellers" but the Fiverr algorithm has decided that at this moment your services should not be shown you can't do anything, so my advise is to abandon this "obsolete" strategy and focus on how to be the best in Fiverr .
  13. Sound like a AI text 🤔 anyway you can share your gig on social platform, but if you have zero follower or follower not active will have no sense to share...
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