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  1. I noticed that when I did a voice over for a vid buyer that Fiverr offered to let us talk on Zoom. So maybe if the buyer agrees, then we can actually talk face to face with them all. I do not know if it is offered to all buyers yet. Let's just hope this will happen for all our jobs.
  2. There should be a special prize or notification for quotes of the day! I think you would be on top most of the time. You crack me up!
  3. Thank you for your quick and detailed response to my questions. Glad to know we all are able to have a fair chance in this contest.
  4. Sometimes I don't think the buyers really know what they want. I have had them actually change their minds after they told me that they wanted a fast and powerful read. I think that sometimes they want you to miraculously put more into the script than they themselves were able to write.
  5. I also received a message within the Fiverr platform from a buyer that I had talked to before and I think I have recorded an audio for them. I got out of bed and read the message. Then I tried to respond and it was as though it just disappeared into thin air. I checked everywhere and could find nothing. Do you know if a buyer decides that they do not want to go through with a request, then they can delete it? Could that be happening?
  6. Is there anything in Fiverr's TOS or anywhere that they recommend not doing a sample read? I looked, but couldn't find anything. If anyone knows of any violation or suggestion not to do this, could you please let me know? Thank you.
  7. Send a message to customer service and tell them the issue. Hopefully they can help. Also check the page where you are going into the course. There might be something at the bottom of the page telling you who to contact if there are any problems. Just a thought.
  8. Oh, so that is what you think. Well, I never got a review from him, at all. After I delivered the audio to him, he simply waited 48 hours and then rejected it saying he wanted revisions. But he never gave any revisions or talked to me for days. I kept messaging him and to no avail. He never rated me because he supposedly wanted a revision. I sent another revised audio so that I would give him his one revision. I had nothing to go on. He also answered a required question about how he wanted the audio.,Mp3 or Wave file. He just answered any. So I gave him one in Mp3 and one in Wave. That still did not make him happy. So I asked customer service to cancel and they did. They also offered to talk to him, but I bet he would not answer them either. I was not dishonest in any way, shape or form. I actually tried to get a rating Sir newsmaker. Hello are you there?
  9. Well, this is the first time that I have had a problem. I work very hard on all my jobs. I don't feel like I am sanitizing anything. That is your assimilation. I wanted to move on. I am on here part time and I want to limit the bad reviews that people like this want to give to other people just because they are not good at what they have done for others and recieved bad ratings. This could have gone on indefinitely. When it smells like a skunk and sounds like a skunk, then the gut usually knows it is a skunk. I don't care about a bad review, if it is an honest review. I will take it and go on. I had a bad feeling about this buyer only after he vaguely filled out my requirements. I have had people on ACX send me very nice compliments about my deliveries. I guess you think I should have sat there waiting and waiting and waiting. Some people are never satisfied and you just can't please them. Guess you haven't had any of those. I hope you are not upset because I did not sit there and let him drag me on and on and take his bad attitude with his rating.
  10. I have gotten some good jobs on BR and some were high paying jobs. The work was very good. I don't apply to all of them, just ones that I feel fit me and my delivery style. Which is why I probably don't have as many reviews as other people here full time. I have a job and I am a caregiver. I am so busy sometimes. I just hope I can hold on till this job gets better.
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