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My gig got denied for increasing the font size and changing the text



My gig got denied for editing the font of the gig image. I have been using the same image from last 2-3 years. Fiverr never questioned me.

I just edited the font and made the text bigger and suddenly the gig says my gig is denied. And it's asking me to create a new gig. And this action was taken within few minutes. I am sure it's denied using a bot. I am working in fiverr since a very long time. I have attached the gig image. When contacted customer support they are saying that I have used non original image. 

This logo is not designed by me. My gig says I can vectorize this logo. I never claimed the logo is designed by me. 

There 100s of top sellers in fiverr who are using similar gigs but they are successfully selling since a very long time. 

For eg : https://www.fiverr.com/anaabdullah/convert-to-vector-your-logo-within-2-hours
This gig is one of the top sellers in vector tracing gig. 

He/she has used burger king logo in their image but that doesn't mean they have designed this logo and even this logo is non original. They just mean to say that they can vectorize this logo. 

Pepsi Logo: https://www.fiverr.com/tapos1993/recreate-logo-or-anything-to-vector-within-2-hours

Fanta Logo: https://www.fiverr.com/shuvodas95/do-vector-trace-or-recreate-any-logo-or-image-within-2-hrs

Starbucks Logo: https://www.fiverr.com/shishir50/vector-tracing-redesign-retouch-logo

Famous Cartoon character logo: https://www.fiverr.com/hishamabolazm/convert-any-logo-sketch-graphic-to-vector-in-1-day

There are 1000s of such examples I can show you. 

My question is how come their gig is not denied and how come my gig image got denied ? Please help. I tried contacting support but they replied "Customer Support cannot make alterations to these kinds of decisions." 

Then whom I should contact ? Restarting your best selling gig isn't that easy. It's like closing the only source of income because of a random bot. 

Please share your input. 



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29 minutes ago, niti_k said:

My question is how come their gig is not denied and how come my gig image got denied ?

Maybe for the other gigs they uploaded their gig image before Fiverr added their (probably) automated image check system, and they probably haven't updated those gig images since Fiverr's image check system went into place so their system hasn't detected the issues with their gigs as it's probably only checking new uploads/amendments to gig images and not searching through existing images.

If you add a similar gig again it would be best to create your own example images (without using logos you don't have the rights to).

Also really it would probably be better (more representative of the service you'd actually do and probably less misleading) to do a more realistic "before" image. Something you would actually trace to create the finished vector image.

You could speak to CS and say you were only demonstrating your vector tracing, not logo creation but they'll still probably say it's not allowed since you used a famous logo that you didn't have the rights to without permission of the copyright/trademark owners.

Though for the TRS who used a famous image - that person shouldn't really have been allowed that and TRS are hand picked by Fiverr statff so it should have been noticed by them (though they might not have recognised that it was a character that others owned the rights to).

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Customer support cannot help with this. it is out of their hands and is an automated process.

There is no point in saying "yeah but this person is doing the same thing." 

This is just a whataboutism and pointing the finger at all the other gigs does not make this correct. you are not allowed to use logos that are not yours. you will just have to create a new gig



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