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My best seller gig changes one by one, But Why?




I am facing a problem recently that My best seller gig are changing after some days. I have two gig one  350+ review and other 210+ review, but These two gigs between had one best seller but Today I am seeing different gig best sellers option. 

What is the main reason here? 


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1 hour ago, vickiespencer said:

The best-selling gig in a seller's profile differs from the one with the most reviews. Your best-seller is the gig that you are currently selling the most.  

So you are saying that the "best selling gig" is the gig that is "selling the best?"


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For some reason though occasionally that "best seller" can show on what seems to be the wrong gig and asking support didn't get a clear/proper answer from support when I asked.  eg. once it put "best seller" on a gig of mine that hadn't had a sale in 2 months whereas my other gig (that had the most sales of all time and had received sales recently wasn't showing as the best seller when I expected it to (and it normally does have that badge).

One support person told me:


The best selling gig badge is in reference to the subcategory it's in not your Gig with most sales. So your gig is one of the best gigs in his subcategory not the best, most selling one on your account.

when that's surely wrong. Everyone has a gig that's shown to them in their profile as their "best seller" (depending on sales). He might be thinking of the "best selling" sort but that doesn't put a "best seller" badge over a gig.

Support also told me:


This badge is meant for buyers to decide much easier which gig to pick when they are browsing a certain category. 
The indicator for this is not only the volume of sales that this gig has achieved but your quick response to clients, their satisfaction with the service, good ratings and more. 

but the badge is only shown to the seller not the buyer so that's also wrong.

It would be better if Fiverr said exactly how it's calculated really, eg. for when it looks wrong (though >95% of the time it seems to be set correctly).

eg. does it only take into account orders from a certain time-frame like last 60 or 90 days (and if so what time-frame)?

Does it just take into account the number of orders (maybe in a particular time-frame) or also take into account the order price?

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