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Give me some SEO tricks for Gig


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How can you claim to be a voiceover artist when you can barely string a sentence together?  Especially as you say in your profile that you're fluent in English

I will also leave it to the voiceover experts, but I am pretty sure that you're using some kind of software for your accent.  @newsmike, Andy, and any other professional on here can probably tell within a few milli seconds? 👇

Provide quality voiceover, american female accent by Sumyyaneetu | Fiverr

If that is the case then you're a fraud, and any 'seo tricks' that you make will be completely pointless as your customers will see right through you! 

Happy to be proven wrong! 

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39 minutes ago, sumyyaneetu said:

Give me some seo tricks for 2nd nish.

I don't know any tricks for "professional sellers" that use digital voices, and claim that they are real Human voice overs. You are defrauding your buyers. So, yeah.... you get no help from me.

22 minutes ago, breals said:

I will also leave it to the voiceover experts, but I am pretty sure that you're using some kind of software for your accent.

I can confirm that those are digital software voices. 100% certain.

24 minutes ago, breals said:

Happy to be proven wrong!

You're in luck, because we can -- and now have -- proven you right. 

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Had seen this profile already and decided the best policy is to not engage with people I'd not put out if they were on fire, however, since respected names have bought me into this one, thanks for that, I'll throw my two pence into the mix.

Pick a red flag, there are many warning signs:

1) Stock profile picture of a microphone: 



At least the image they used is a respectable mic, I'm willing to wager body parts they don't own one when they cost $1,150 and the country where the OP is from earns on average <$80 a month.

2) That country, always a red flag to me.

3) Last delivery one month ago, but no reviews, something smells off here.

4) Profile: "Need a high quality, professional American female voiceover for your brand/company? You've come to the right place!" 

I bet AI can write prose that's loaded with less cliches.


5) "Fluent in English*" those who are fluent don't need to claim it, like a lion doesn't need to announce it is a lion when it enters a room, it's kinda self-evident.

6) "24 Hour and ASAP Delivery Available*" signs of being desperate

7) "will record a voiceover for your script - starting at $10 for 250 words" - gigs say 400 words for $10 - conflicting information tells me you don't know what you're doing and don't have any quality control.

8 ) "I specialize in recording." recording what? 

9) "Please note: Scripts containing politics or profanity. No New Age scripts." what was it I said about fluency being one of those things which doesn't need announcing? 

That's 9 red flags before even looking at a gig.

Profiles like this are a complete joke and sh*t show.


10) Different mic to main image, how can anyone read their script with a giant honking pop-filter in front of it? I'm from the school of "you don't need a pop filter if you have good mic placement and technique". Call me old fashioned and cynical too but I also believe you need a microphone to record voice overs. 

11) "Have delightful team member for cover male voice also" - you have a team? Did the team not think different gigs for male and female voices would be a good idea? 

12) "Expert on American Accent" - oh here we go, another "Expert", what are the differences between east and west coast accents; the Bronx versus Austin TX, and the finer nuances between say Pittsburg and Hershey? 

That's three more before even hitting play on any audio!

13) Horrid background music puts me off in the first 1.5 seconds

14) "How" betrayed it as being text to speech, and not a good one either

15) Second clips: five seconds of royalty free news ident style cheese before "we have" gives it away as tts

16) Third, at least this robot has an angry mode

17) Rinse and repeat the same lies from the profile

18) "professionally trained, full time recording artist and voice over artist with over 5 years experience" professionally trained in what? After hearing those demos are you actually dumb enough to think someone is going to believe anything you say? Where did you study pasting a script into a box for five years?

19) $10 400 words, $10 250 words, same page: your elbow is the thing between your hands and your shoulders, your ass is the thing you sh*t through in case you didn't know the subtle differences.

20) I don't think you're even a real woman at this point, everything seems too full of crap for my liking, you're a bloke really aren't you?

If the OP here is a "professionally trained, full time recording artist and voice over artist with over 5 years experience" then I'm the grand child of Konstantin Stanislavski and Stella Adler, and my next career step is CEO of Twitter.


Dear Elon....


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4 hours ago, nilimamim508 said:

If you want rank your gig on Fiverr First Find 5 tag and then 5 tags you use your description tittle and on page SEO your image. And Active fiverr In sha allah very soon you get a work.

Thank You

This you?  Why are you giving advice, especially when it is nonsense?


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I'm from the school of "you don't need a pop filter if you have good mic placement and technique"

Excellent points all around. And I'm glad someone else finally posted the above. @mjensen415 @frank_d is there any chance that Adam could be convinced that people who put text through an AI speech generator should  have an entire category to themselves, as they are clearly not providing Voice Overs. This is equivalent to letting someone who edits articles claim that they authored them. Beyond that, fraudsters like this clearly need to be chased off, but since that seems unlikely until Elon buys Fiverr, can't we at least prevent them from clogging up the works where actual voice over artists are trying to work? 

Andy, you continually keep adding more logs to my fire of "we need a paywall to sell, and we need it now." Not sure how you feel about that, but you surely give me even more ammo on this. 

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3 hours ago, newsmike said:

I'm glad someone else finally posted the above.

See further below, I aired my stance on pop-filters ages ago! 

Pop-filters that get in the way of blocking the script serve no purpose, the expression here says "I can't read the script so I might as well close my eyes":


1 hour ago, newsmike said:

you continually keep adding more logs to my fire of "we need a paywall to sell, and we need it now." Not sure how you feel about that

Yes and no, then yes, and yes, then no...

Yes: it would make the entire platform more professional overnight by filtering out those who lack the skills to pay that bill and that bill alone, not to mention the insurance we should all have which I kinda think needs mandating: a certificate should be uploaded in order to create a live seller account. Sellers need more hurdles, the barriers to entry here are too few and upping them somewhat would be positive as it'd force amateurs out of the marketplace. 

No: the amateurs will sink to the bottom anyway, and when people try to help them by throwing them a life saver, some will even accuse the helping party of harassing them for offering common sense advice so hell yea, cull them, cull them all, be wickedly brutal about it, put a pay wall in the way of the rank amateurs and let them be gone! 

Yes: it would make it better for buyers, but no as it's funny watching people posting here, losing their minds, going frantic, creating loads of different threads about why their data entry gig isn't selling among the 72,000 other data entry gigs here; what would they do, where would they go, and what would we do for comedy if we can't openly mock them like it were some twisted sport with an esoteric self-harming nature when our advice goes unheeded? 

Would I pay to play here?

Yes, the shift of dynamics a paywall would bring would be seismic for quality control, even ten bucks a month would filter out the recycling from the trash, so to speak.  

What's not to like about the idea from a purely professional stand point? 

An absolute yes though to having TTS / AI voices given their own section, or at least buyers should be able to filter out humans from automatons.

Maybe vetting on some niches needs to be mandatory? (Please!) 

For VO my suggestion would be having to upload a private verification recording of a set script, a bit like on a hookup site where they want you to upload a picture with your username scrawled on it, but an audio version to vet they are what they say they are. 

Wear the buyer's shoes, walk a few miles, it's all too often an assault on the ears.



I searched the main site for "British Male Voice Over", then ordered the results by newest first, the first 100 results were nothing short of horrifying

28% of results were text to speech / artificial intelligence

AI / TTS voices needs a dedicated section and should not be included otherwise. 

As for the rest, well, here are my findings:

  • 1 was totally silent
  • 1 started with a squeaking chair
  • 1 started with a cough
  • 1 was pure noise without a word being spoken - just crackling noise like a plastic bag being scrunched up
  • 3 had sniffs or snorts which nobody wants to hear when listening with pro grade headphones, or even crap ones! 
  • 4 used brands that betray how fake the demos are - as in there's no way that brand would have hired them, ever
  • 5 of them had long lead in music which is stealing time from buyer's ears: a buyer knows in less than 3 words / seconds if they like the voice or not, I'd heard enough demos in workplaces to know this really is the case
  • 6 had a hissssss in the background
  • 8 had background noise, some of which were evidenced by artefacts (noises left behind after removing other noises, like the audio version of removing bricks from a wall, where you can see they've been taken out)
  • 9 were mixed badly, where the voice was hard to hear because the background music was so loud
  • 10 didn't sound sound authentic, they sounded forced or just not natural
  • 12 had echoes or reverberation
  • 13 had plosives (that popping noise on P and B sounds as the gust of wind hits the mic's diaphragm, easy to remedy with proper mic positioning, and not a pop-filter as they just scream "no mic technique" to me)
  • 15 had mouth clicks (I suffer from these as I drink a lot of milky coffee but use software to remove them without leaving any artefacts behind so nobody would ever know)
  • 15 have ssss-sibilance that makes S sounds hiss like a snake
  • 17 were too quiet and needed their volume boosting

Putting a paywall on would cull most of the amateurs from that showcase of horrors.

And finally,, another yes, because I imagine these forums would be mental like the "Bring bak buyer request" army were on acid, chasing their own shadow around the room, chanting "stay online", wondering how they can make a sale, to pay for the ability to make another sale, and calling Fiverr bad when their lack of skills fails to pay them a dividend. 

Please, just for the comedy value alone. That'd be worth paying for. 

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