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Milestones Failure?


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Hey - long time fiverr seller who stopped working on the site for a while. Just came back this month and wowsers.

I dusted off my gigs and updated them.

I've never used the milestones feature before but I added it to one of my gigs. I had a client place an order directly from the gig page and there are no milestones! In the pre-order chat, she wanted the milestones for progress check-ins and partial payments.

Instead it's a single order, with a single large payment and a due date 60 days out.

I messaged support and got a boilerplate answer with a link to the help page about milestones. It was not in the least bit helpful, but I guess it's nice to know the boilerplate answers are the one thing that hasn't changed. 

Is there any way to add milestones/payments to active orders without canceling them? With this very weird and super secretive scoring system, I'm reluctant to cancel, even for a re-order.

Thanks all! 

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