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I can't find any buyer request recently



Hi everyone!
I'm a green seller in Fiverr. I find buyer request in the Fiverr app and it's really helpful. However, I can't see any buyer request in 2 months... When I press the button, it shows a window and said "Buyer request is getting a makeover". I thought that may need to wait for a new update of the app. However, it still getting a makeover about 2 months for now. Is any of you having the same problem? Or is it a bug? Or I just need to wait for a new update?

Thanks for helping!!

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Hi @wendalyndimas, Welcome to the forum!

Yes, Fiverr is giving Buyer Request a makeover. And it has been rolling out incrementally over the last two months. I still haven't seen the "Buyer request is getting a makeover" window, so I can still see buyer requests on my phone and desktop. Others can see that message on their phone but can still access buyer request on their desktop. And yet others can't access Buyer Request at all. All we can do is be patient and wait for Fiverr to roll out this program.

It looks like Buyer Briefs will be replacing Buyer Requests. You can read more about this update here:



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