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Fiverr "Not available" function not working


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Hi Fiverr community,

I hope someone of you can assist me with the following issue.

A few days back I enabled the function that I am currently not available due to vacation and too many bookings.

It CLEARLY states on my profile: "You're unavailable. You won't be able to receive new orders or messages until...."

But I am STILL receiving a bunch of messages from new clients every day. Even if I didn't check the box "Enable new buyers to contact me".

This is becoming very frustrating since it's affecting my average response time in a negative way...

I have already contacted the customer support but they were not helpful at all. They just sent me instructions about how to set up the function for unavailability (which I already did). I also provided the screenshot to them but they seemed to totally ignore it.

Is anyone else having the same issue? Or is there something I've been doing wrong?

Thank you!


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I've had this issue in the past. It seems there is a delay between you setting up the Unavailable option and it actually functioning. I've had Customer Service suggest I clear my browser cache to solve it, although I have no idea why that would make their system work incorrectly.

Another option is to pause your gigs. However, people could still message you then.

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I just got another reply from customer support. I have no idea what they did but now my status has changed to "unavailable" (before it stated: Online) next to my profile picture so I think it should work now...

I will monitor this and check if I still receive new messages from new buyers.

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