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New to Fiverr - Why is it so strict?


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Hi, I have register here a month ago and I’m amaze of how fiverr makes the seller path so complicated. I know by first hand that freelancer always take the complicated part but this is a bit too much. As many people in here I commit THE mistake: posted a link to my portfolio on my description (Which I already eliminated). I actually found it absolutely weird when I got a notification for it so I wrote down to the support and then I knew that Flickr is the only portfolio allowed (Why?? Behance, Tumblr, Deviant art are the same!)…

Problem is, after that, I lost the “Express Tag” of my 24 hours gig (So, now I get less people asking for it…) and even if I already sold 55 gigs and got 100% excellent rating I do not level up… I mean, is it so necessary to be that strict with new people? I already got it, I made I mistake I erased the link…

Why fiverr make everything so complicated? There is no need to take out a tag from my gig (Which I earn delivering everything on time and has nothing to do with the mistake I made!!) and do not allow me either to level up only for a little mistake!! It’s a bit too much, why such a big punishment for something so little? I’m new, sorry!

I found fiverr to be a great way to do quick & different work out of the box (At least for me, I work on long projects and work here is refreshing) and even clients here are warm people, very polite, unlike other platforms. Problem here is actually Fiverr, why are they so scare about people work outside of their platform?? Why I would even register if I wanted to do such a thing?? Makes no sense to me!! I work through other platforms too so s***e interviews, links to Sendspace/gdrive/dropbox, gmails chats are daily things in my life and I have never thought of working outside a secure platform because of that! This makes me think: How do illustrators or designers sent big files here??

I’m concern too since I read on many post sellers that got warnings are not eligible for some perks, is that true? I mean, I’m aiming to be a good seller here, I offer only custom gigs, I over deliver always (as several buyers suggested on the forums), but what should I spect now? I will not level up or been eligible for top rated in the future only because of this silly thing on my second week? … What should I do? Open a new account, lose the well earned 55 sells and start fresh? I’m absolutly lost!, kind of frustrated since I put all of me to get to the level 1 and 2 quick to offer best things to my clients. I already got one client who is waiting for me to level up in order to ask for several whiteboard Illustration !!

Also, a final question, I have sent links to only one image of my portfolio (NOT the portfolio, only one image) as a sample is that okay? or I cant even do that?

Sorry, I’m really lost. It’s way different from other webs!

Thanks in advance for all the answers!

(And sorry too for my english, I’m a spanish native speaker any correction is welcomed 🙂 )

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