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This post is just a follow up to my last post on Fiverr Learn and CreativeLive here:


When I originally wrote the post, I was only exploring these two learning options. Now I'm actively using CreativeLive to learn a variety of skills for FREE (and you can too)!

24/7 FREE Live Stream Courses

CreativeLive has 24/7 FREE live courses on anything from Photoshop to photography to learning how to run a business. You can look at all the courses that are available up to a week in advance. Here's a small snapshot of the courses they offer on a day-to-day basis (see below). As you can see, there is a good variety of courses offered. The only downside to this training is that it is not on-demand training ... it is live training. You will have to be available at the time that the class is playing. However, with the sheer number of courses offered every day, it is very likely that you'll get another chance to learn the skill that you missed. 


Seller Plus FREE 1-month Creative Pass

The other FREE learning option is through Seller Plus. Basically, you can have a free 1-month Creative Pass, which is access to all CreativeLive content (which is over 2,000 courses). I noticed that they started to integrate in some of the Fiverr Learn courses onto the site as well. After the month is up, you will have to pay $15/month for this Creative Pass, so use your free pass wisely!

I signed up for this free pass because I recently purchased a subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud All Apps. So I wanted to learn skills in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premier (to start off with). All of the Fiverr Learn and the CreativeLive courses were easily $100 per Adobe course, so I decided it was time to take advantage of my free 1-month Creative Pass to have access to ALL of Adobe's courses. I'm going through some gig-related courses first. I finished a Graphics Design course yesterday and started on a Presentation Design course as well as a course on creating eBooks and interactive PDFs. Once I finish those, I'll jump into the Adobe app courses and will see how far I get in one month's time!

Even if I end up paying $15/month to continue the Creative Pass, I still think it's a great deal for those who are serious about building the skills they need to bring their business to the next level. So if that's you, I highly recommend subscribing to CreativeLive to learn these skills!


Note (and note to self): To avoid becoming a seminar junkie, try to pick relevant skills to learn and set goals to actually use your new skills to improve the quality of services that you offer.

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