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I send buyer request every day, I've been online half the day but why do I not have an order yet

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Logo design is one of the most saturated and competitive categories.

As far as I can tell , buyer now will not purchase any logo design from new seller or with 0 star… sadly but that’s true.

who will gamble their money if they can easily find a top rated , 500+ 5 stars reviews ? 

maybe you can change your gig , logo design is not for new comer anymore. As this logo market already “mature” and don’t need any new bloods 

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You may have issues in your sent request or communication issue.

I would suggest to be straight and clear to the point, help the customer and show them how you can help them.

Remember a great portfolio and a clear and straight to the point request will land you clients.

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On 6/21/2022 at 7:39 AM, ze_blender3d said:

Logo design is one of the most saturated and competitive categories.

This is just the truth.

Every new artist (or just somebody that thinks that being a graphic designer is an easy job), trys to start doing logos. In terms of art, I will tells you what is easier (and consequently more saturated) to the hardest (and consequently less saturated and less competitive, but also you must prove your skills and that you realy can do it.)

Ok letst go:

Level 1 artists (Gennins): These are Graphic Designers (specialy logo creators) - Being a graphic designer is a so saturated branch that I advise you: go to the next level or give up being an artist and do another thing to live.

Level 2 artists (Chunins): These are illustrators in any styles: cartons, anime, realistc... - Being an illustrator isn´t easy, you must have techniques but the branch isn´t saturated, if you are medium illustrator you can gain something. (being honest, even the worst illustrators I´ve seen can charge something...) Of course if you are one of the bests illustrators you can charge a lot from buyers.

Level 3 artists (Jonins): These are 2D animators - Now you can see a branch much less saturated. The oportunities here is realy good, but of course doing any animation isn´t easy, you must study a lot, train a lot, and of course you can´t be an animator if you don´t know how to draw, so it is impossible to reach level 3 without being an illustrator first.

Level 4 artists (Special Jonins): These are 3D animators - Now we are talking about realy good oportunities! 3D modeling and animation isn´t saturated, but of course to survive here you must learn and study a lot and have a very good equipment as well friends working with you. And you don´t need to necessarily knows illustrations and 2D animations before, although it is much better you had steped in early levels. It is realy hard being a 3D animator, that´s the reason this branch isn´t saturated. The only problem here is that in Fiverr is a lot of nigerians scammer offering a price too much cheap for 3D jobs. Avoid nigerians, if you can get buyers from other countries they realy can pays what you deserve for 3D animations.

Level 5 artists (Hokages): If you knows how to do everything in other levels in high quality, you are realy a Hokage!!!! Congratulations!

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