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New Sellers .... The True Way to Success!


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👏 Very well said! The forum is filled with topics made by new sellers with the traditional question “How to be successful on Fiverr? How to get the first order?” Before asking that, I suggest to research for that topic since there are sooo many existing topics with tips for New Sellers. Also, never believe in Easy Money. Money never comes easily, specially in the beginning. Sadly, many youtubers have made people believe that it is easy to make money on Fiverr and they come here unprepared, create a gig and only waste time.

Work hard. Always. Nothing comes easy.

Yes, Some bad people make it easy to earn. In Youtube Channel. we forget that it’s call youtube marketing for this channel. 😆

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@kholland65 You make a very good point about maintaining high quality standards of work. To maintain that one has to practice their craft as much as possible. In this context, it is also a really good idea to let your work and customer reviews speak for themselves. However, all the good quality hard work will mean nothing if one cannot get the word out that a person who does such good quality hard work exists. I think that’s where promoting a gig comes in. Otherwise, one can just get lost in the massive workforce pool. Competition can be a bad thing.

This is true, both things go hand in hand. In my case, fiverr essentially takes care of the marketing. I’ve never gone out of my way to promote my gig and I still achieved TRS in a few years and now have consistent work.

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Thanks, Dear!!!

Really Helpful

I have good skills, But I don’t find a job.

Web Designer And WordPress Customizer


At a quick glance I noticed that there are quite a few grammar issues in the texts of your gigs, that is something that MUST be perfect, as it can quickly put off potential customers.

Hope this helps you out a bit 🙂

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