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  1. 1.If your gig impression still zero then make sure your gig is active. Sometimes gig is under review. And that time gig impression is zero. 2. If gig impression is good but no order then keep patience. Maybe you can get order soon. Try to send effective buyer request.
  2. It’s very disappointing. See your gig is active or not. If the gig is active then keep patience man. Try to do gig marketing for sometimes.
  3. How many gigs do you create. If the answer is one then It's very tough to get client. My opinion is make 6 or 7 gigs. And make sure research before create gig. More gigs means more clients see your service.
  4. Fiverr forum not help to get order. But it is very helpful for know new things and get advice for new sellers.
  5. Thank you for sharing. It will helpful for beginners
  6. Before make a gig try to search and see some top rank gig for get idea on your service. Do not copy paste anyone’s gig. And if you are new then make 5-6 gigs.
  7. How many gigs you uploaded. I recommend you to make 7 gigs for good result
  8. Perfect keywords, Good description, nice title and eye-catching Image can help gig rank or get order.
  9. 1st mistake is we do not Research properly before make gig. And then impression and click go down day by day without single order. My opinion is when seller new he should make 7 gigs with proper research. Send buyer request.
  10. Gig edit is not good for any gig. You can edit frequently.
  11. Fiverr gig ranks depend so many things. Trust me no one know how it is work. But sometimes it may effect for gig down or sometimes not. Wait and see what will happen.
  12. Make sure your profile setting 100% and have 7gigs. Then keep patience.You can try to get order from buyer request.
  13. Gig rank depends on so many things. It takes time to go top. Buyer satisfaction and 5* review, good gig etc. Need to rank gig.
  14. Make sure your profile have 7 good gigs. Send buyer request for attract clients for 1st order.
  15. When someone edit there gig it take sometime to get better click and impression. Sometimes gig rank will decrease for edit. But it temporary.
  16. No ones gig 1st page for permanently. Gig rotate after few times.
  17. Welcome to the one of the best freelancing marketplace. Hope for the best.
  18. First you have to know some topics is very important to create gig like title,Gig descriptions, Image, keyword. Before make a gig try to see some top rated gig on your category. Then make gig. One more thing don’t copy paste anyone’s gig.
  19. Welcome to the fiverr buddy. All the best
  20. Welcome to the fiverr man. Hope for the best.
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