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Show Your Buyer how Fiverr quakes the world!

Guest musicman29

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Guest musicman29


I’m Nishad from Bangladesh. I am providing Social Media Service on Fiverr. My concentrations are with SoundCloud, online reviews and Facebook. Few days back I came to meet a beautiful Fiverr seller, who’s been doing amazing work with her make-up video []. I became interested in her gig and then eventually an idea hit me!

"Let’s point your client to something like YEAH! IT’S HAPPENING only on Fiverr!"

Since my main work is to provide social media service, I had a scope to meet many semi celebs-DJs-and many more underground musicians. Once I deliver them my gig, I refer them to some other gigs on Fiverr, which might meet their need. At first I thought may be this is stupidity [from commercial point of view 😃


L-) Short answer, Principle of Marketing 121! :-B

Wait-wait-wait! Please kindly go through the full post where I am going to explain the cause and effect in details! ;😉

Well most of my buyers are repeating buyers and everyday the number is increasing only because they believe I care much more about them. Until last week, I believed it was my KIT [Keep in touch] efforts post-to-delivery; but one client recently told me that when I referred her to a Level 1 rated seller to give it a go for fun, she found that Fiverr seller was exactly what she had in mind! Later after the delivery [from that seller] my client gave me a $10 tips [in form of gig] for referring to that seller. WHOA! I was really stunned! @-)

You see, I have some cool Lovebirds. All of them love me so much, that they don’t touch their food, until I am back to my room! I believe it’s only because I took appropriate care of them. I did everything for them on-demand and in-time! This is the law of nature [Karma]… The more you’ll give, the more you’ll get; Vice versa- the more you’ll get, the more you’ll loose! That’s where charity wins over greed! So I thought why not sharing my story with the Fiverr Community here. Who knows, may be someday there will be a new option included in Fiverr delivery tab, "Show Your Buyer how Fiverr quakes the world!"

Let’s make Fiverr a win-win-superwin community!

Regards from Bangladesh


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